1. Commonly eaten for breakfast — often with milk
5. The great outdoors
10. To be defenseless, with no weapons
11. To ___ one's thumbs (be idle)
12. NaCl
13. When a tree is abundantly green
15. Parts of a play
17. Foxes are often described as such
19. To have made a rotation
21. Capital city of Germany
22. To submit monetary sums in a bank account
23. The art of creation, decoration and more
25. Big group of people who live in an area, who may or may not share similar cultures
28. A gesture of respect
30. Rescuing someone
31. A colloquial term that has been adopted to be used as an affirmation of someone else’s statement
32. “Tell her to call me ____ — it’s an emergency”
35. Often done by burglars, pirates, incoming armies and stray cats
36. When waves recede quickly at the beach, often associated with an earthquake
37. Who raised you?
38. The entire purpose of fidget spinners


2. Often the counterpart in a narcissistic relationship
3. “Beef,” “Succession” and “The Bear” won this award
4. “_____ and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.”
5. When electronics bear news for the recipient
6. A psychedelic experience
7. The group who beheaded Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in 1793
8. Isla Vista at 5 p.m.
9. The addition of salt, pepper, paprika, cloves, etc.
14. A neurotoxin, but consumed regardless
16. A pooled investment fund, often managed by someone
18. Steel
20. Where the lion sleeps
21. Trash and recycling ____
23. To want
24. Scattered grassland biome
26. Noodles will claim they are this but they actually take 3-5 minutes to make
27. Square piece of soft, folded paper used when eating
28. Picnic _______
29. Counterpart to the season Megan Thee Stallion claimed
33. Organism that does not produce eggs
34. Head, shoulders and chest