1. Bite-sized HERSHEY’S Chocolate pieces
5. Treat frequently given as a gift; examples include sandesh and kaju katli
10. John Tyree _______ in the military but falls in love with Sarah when on home on leave, so they exchange letters
11. After a couple breaks up, one may seize an _______ to start a relationship with one of them
12. Frequently tossed at weddings to wish the married couple prosperity and fertility
13. Tranquility in a relationship
15. Sigyn’s husband
17. Acronym sent over text by your partner when they are jokingly embarrassed
19. Type of literature filled with witty critiques of romantic follies
21. The final chapter of a romance novel
22. Typically done on a first date by bringing flowers, dressing nicely and paying, to name a few
23. Traditional groom attire
25. Religious place where married couples seek blessings after the wedding
28. Flik and Atta are in love in “A ___’s Life”
30. Couples frequently describe their partner’s as their ____
31. Birdo’s lover
32. Ike Turner’s ex-wife
35. Maroon 5 song about a strong, obsessive physical attraction
36. Pulling out your guitar and singing at the top of your voice to impress your girlfriend
37. Song by The Chainsmokers about pulling your lover ______
38. Job-hunting site; not a dating site


2. Forbidden love
3. Emperor Franz Joseph I’s wife
4. Bridal accessories worn over the shoulder (pl.)
5. Playful kiss
6. Mathematical parity of a couple
7. Capital of Libya, which has a minimum age of 20 for marriage
8. Symbol of love (pl.); frequently used as a candy shape
9. To stare or gawk with [14 Down] intentions
14. Expressing or feeling sexual desire
16. Self-conscious emotion that can cause a relationship to disintegrate
18. The _____ of the [21 Across] is typically marked by consistent arguments and fights
20. Romantically melancholic punk music genre
21. The time zone your long-distance partner who is three hours ahead of you is in
23. If your partner threatens divorce, your relationship is hanging together by a ______
24. Actress playing Marvel’s first Latin-American lesbian superhero
26. Moments difficult to experience when living with your spouse at your parents’ house
27. To be full of love and admiration for
28. Princess Peach’s lover and captor
29. Howl and Sophie fall in love in "Howl’s Moving Castle" — a film produced by this studio
33. The message your high school crush who doesn’t like you back writes on your yearbook
34. Traditionally, suitors used to ask the potential bride’s father for her ____ in marriage

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