Hanz Herman / Daily Nexus

AS Program Board hosted Emergency Intercom LIVE! at Campbell Hall on Nov. 28. Consisting of duo Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips, Emergency Intercom is a comedy podcast that covers an array of topics, from pop-culture to internet memes, and occasionally bringing up amusing incidents in their own personal life. 

Students and nonstudents alike stood in a line that stretched all the way to the library, excitedly waiting to enter the building. As the clock counted down to the start of the event, the lecture hall was filled to the brim with the sound of excitement being heard in every corner of the room. 

As Umanzor and Phillips walked on to the stage, the only thing that could be heard in the hall was the cheering and clapping from the attendees. Once the two sat down, Phillips set his bright orange Birkin on display for the crowd and immediately went into addressing the rumors that he was the Disneyland tweaker. A hilarious start to what would become an hour and a half of hectic entertainment. 

The Emergency Intercom podcast is essentially just two friends talking, with conversations full of sarcastic and witty humor. This translated well live on stage, as it made the audience feel like they were friends included in the conversation. Following their traditional podcast format, some of their conversation topics covered eating cat shit, middle-school shaderooms and birthing Tik-Toks. The discussion evoked non-stop laughter and cheering from the crowd. The pair also brought out a “special guest”, producer of the podcast, Ky Newman, who is also a close friend of Umanzor and Phillips and also appears on the podcast. 

Though live, the essence of the recorded podcast was evident during the show. With Phillips and Umanzor bullying Newman, a common trope in their episodes. They even allowed the crowd to get a piece of the teasing as well. Newman walked on stage three times consecutively, once normally, another time to be booed, and another time for the audience to be flat out silent. 

Bits of slapstick comedy were integrated, with Umanzor fake slapping Newman and a segment where the duo smashed fake beer bottles on top of their heads. 

Producer Ky Newman was brought out as a special guest for the live event. (Hanz Herman / Daily Nexus)

The audience yelled from the crowd, often holding up their phones with signs. Umanzor and Phillips seamlessly integrated the audience interaction in their conversation. The Q&A portion of the show had a diverse array of questions, spanning from “what’s on your Christmas list?” to “how do you deal with homesickness?” Each question was answered with equal amounts of wittiness and sincerity. Though both are known for their comedy, Umanzor and Phillips provided interactions with fans that are more than just jokes, but actual conversations. 

After the Q&A, Emergency Intercom continued with their regularly scheduled program. Phillips told his “psy-ops,” which are his pieces of rateable wisdom for the masses to speak his “drewth.” With one notable quote being “if you cheat on me, you only hurting your grandma. Because me and my homies jumping her.” 

They then ended their show with their media segment, in which they recommended musical artists and songs to the audience, such as musician Gumi, the last three songs of the Surf’s Up soundtrack and Pompeii by Bastille. 

As the two said goodbye to their fans, Phillips did the griddy across the stage, in true Emergency Intercom fashion.

Emergency Intercom LIVE! is perhaps the best event ASPB has put on this quarter. It felt intimate and enjoyable, not only for the crowd, but for the speakers as well. The on-stage duo appeared to be enjoying themselves just as much as the attendees. With fall quarter coming to the end, Emergency Intercom LIVE! offered students a break from the impending doom of finals and offered a moment of hilarity, something always needed.