1. Talks tediously
5. Last day of the week
10. To grasp the truth, finally
11. New character in “Inside Out 2”
12. UCSB major concerning the study of scarcity and the distribution, consumption and production of goods and services, for short
13. “James and the _____ Peach” (Roald Dahl story)
15. Type of science that certain UCSB majors study
17. Broadcast television and radio network owned by Paramount
19. To take in or soak up
21. “The ______ Trap” (Disney film)
22. Microsoft email service
23. “______ Night” (Christmas song)
25. Final word in the name of UCSB’s newest minor
28. “Oh I like to ___, [x3] aaples and bananays” (Song lyric)
30. Holds a broken bone in place
31. UCSB major concerning the study of the mind, for short
32. From or at a great distance
35. “_______ Flame” (Song by The Bangles)
36. First step in the scientific method
37. Great respect or admiration
38. Great distress


2. “A Million _______” (Lady Gaga song)
3. “Orientalism” author
4. Picturesque
5. Dirty marks on clothes
6. Immediately afterward
7. The sum of all elements divided by the total number of elements
8. UCSB’s take-out dining hall
9. Cruel or oppressive ruler
14. Natural skill
16. Remote-controlled aircraft
18. Not single
20. Coordinating connection expressing contrast
21. A small group of people clustered together
23. Holy
24. What a good spouse does when you are upset
26. Type of legendary dragon in Clash Royale
27. People who care for the sick
28. Where Monsieur D’Arque tries to lock up Maurice (“Beauty and the Beast”)
29. They repeat whatever you say
33. ____ upon a time
34. The “U” in UX/UI

Siddharth Chattoraj
Siddharth Chattoraj is the data editor for the 2023-24 school year. He was previously the assistant data editor and eventually co-data editor during the 2022-23 school year. He loves exploring the intersection of art and technology to discover solutions to new and existing problems. He also enjoys journalism, theater, marketing, running, and forming spontaneous plans with friends. Siddharth can be reached at