1. Can hold water
5. Romantic and glowing
10. Artistic movement emphasizing accurate representation
11. Magical creature with one horn
12. To interlace yarn or thread in a series of loops with needles
13. Collection of maps
15. 39 (San Francisco)
17. Large, hairy type of cattle or ox
19. 0% milk
21. “A dinosaur from our imagination”
22. Natural examples include wool and silk and synthetic examples include nylon and polyester
23. ______ Hollow
25. Razzle ______
28. Sigma
30. Can be produced in a canyon
31. Sweet-tasting carbohydrate
32. Final resting place of the Unknown Solider
35. Sine divided by cosine
36. Twice as many
37. Political campaign motto
38. Fulfills a financial obligation


2. Form of appreciation or applause
3. A journey where you visit somewhere and return afterward
4. Open hostility
5. High-pitched sound made by mice and chipmunks
6. Crime drama genre, e.g. that of “[5 Across] Boulevard”
7. Breaking down of rocks by natural forces, e.g. wind and water
8. Heart______ or ______-hearted
9. Types include chemical, thermal, nuclear, etc.
14. Coccinellidae
16. Overly sentimental or romantic
18. 200 milligrams
20. E.g. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, etc.
21. If you are [23 Across], you should go to this
23. Blade covering
24. Alcohol with two carbon atoms
26. UCSB EEMB major concerning animal life
27. To express or personify
28. Head of State of Oman
29. One who sacrifices their life for a cause or belief
33. Short for “iceberg”
34. ____ d'etat

Siddharth Chattoraj
Siddharth Chattoraj is the data editor for the 2023-24 school year. He was previously the assistant data editor and eventually co-data editor during the 2022-23 school year. He loves exploring the intersection of art and technology to discover solutions to new and existing problems. He also enjoys journalism, theater, marketing, running, and forming spontaneous plans with friends. Siddharth can be reached at