Sometimes, getting an outside perspective is the best way for self-reflection. For Valentine’s Day, take a look at some love advice from a stranger on campus!

Jack Jefferson, student, second-year film and media studies, he/him.

Nina Moore, SBIFF Hospitality Assistant, she/her.

Lauren Li, student, first-year pre-biology, she/her.

Alex LeBrun, philosophy professor, he/him.

Leenoy Margalit, student, third-year environmental studies, she/her.

Joey Buzzella, student, third-year film and media studies and communication, he/him.

Arsh Jagada, student, second-year pre-communication, he/him.

Jack Keaveny, student, second-year statistics and data science, he/him.

Tatum Araki (left), student, second-year biology, she/her.
Noelle Ross (right), student, second-year biology, she/her.

Juliette Sweet (left), student, second-year Communication.
Casey Boehm (right), student, second-year psychology & brain sciences.

Joseph Delgado, student, fourth-year biology, he/him.