On Nov. 5, the UCSB-affiliated club, Laughology, put on one of their weekly stand-up comedy shows at Embarcadero Hall in the heart of Isla Vista. This particular show was unique amongst others due to its lineup solely consisting of current UCSB students or alumni. The show delivered on all of its promises for laughs with comics representing several “generations of Laughology,” as host Jack Scotti remarked.

The show last Saturday attracted a variety of people with various tastes in comedy — and each comic had unique material that satisfied all of these tastes. The show was hosted by UCSB film and media studies graduate Jack Scotti. Scotti’s observational, and often self-deprecating, humor garnered a lot of laughter. His material delved into the relatable topics of dating and relationships to how bummed outdoor clothing companies are when people freeze on Everest while wearing their jackets. Scotti has been doing comedy since living in the Sacramento area and continued wholeheartedly in Isla Vista as well as clubs in downtown Santa Barbara. Scotti was the Laughology club’s leader last year and returns to perform at certain open mics or stand-up shows, this past Saturday included. Scotti is currently pursuing a career in stand-up comedy in Los Angeles.

The next comics to go up were third-year student Caroline Murphy and David Zingher, a graduate student in the economics department. Murphy entertained with humor surrounding the often bizarre world of owning pets. And Zingher, who has only been doing comedy for one year now, talked about how different his new home of Isla Vista is from his hometown of Boston. While referencing parents’ weekend for this show, (several parents were in attendance) Zingher made cracks about the different things college students are able to show their parents in Boston versus Isla Vista. Zingher said that in Boston, college students might show their parents their favorite museum, but in Isla Vista they could show their parents the curb where they crashed a Bird scooter with another rider on the back. Zingher may only have one year of performing comedy under his belt, but he displays a level of comfort on stage that can only be built upon.

The standouts of Saturday’s show were alumni, though. The show featured Corde Snell, a graduate in the class of 2007. Snell had a lively comedic presence featuring a lot of engagement with the audience. Snell’s material ranged from mishaps on dating apps to how it took him years to convince a friend that they had bad breath. Snell’s act was very entertaining to see because it was clear that he was enjoying himself on stage. For many in the audience, seeing a comedian having a good time performing translated to even more amusement. Snell has also been the co-host of the “Lit Lit” podcast since July 2020 with fellow comedian PX Floro, and the two have hilarious conversations that span the spectrum of current events.

The headliner of this Saturday’s show was Tr Lamb, whose “chill” delivery and self-deprecating humor were on full display for his extended set. Lamb joked about everything from bullying in middle school, to growing up in a single-parent home, to bad parenting, to what it is like being a stand-up comedian living in Salt Lake City. Lamb is the current host of the “Deadbeat Son” podcast, which showcases his eclectic takes on pop culture and current events, always laced with absurdity and humor.

Laughology will continue to host free stand-up comedy shows each Saturday at Embarcadero Hall at 8:00 p.m. If you can’t make those shows, show up to the Rockfire Grill on Mondays for Laughology’s open mic night. Whether you want to see seasoned and professional comedians continue to hone their craft or newcomers eager to try their hand at the nerve wracking task of telling jokes to a large audience, Laughology has a lot to offer students looking for fun in Isla Vista.