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Whether you’re an incoming first-year student, a transfer student or simply looking to get involved in the local art scene, here’s an introduction to some of the various art-related organizations you can support or join on campus or in Isla Vista. 

Glass Box Gallery: 

Located in the middle of the Arts Building, the Glass Box Gallery is a student-run exhibition space. During the school year, the Glass Box Gallery hosts a new exhibition weekly, with a student-artist hosting an opening reception, usually on Thursday. The Glass Box Gallery is currently featuring “Unsettling California,” a student-curated exhibition that features works from contemporary California artists who highlight race and migration in their art. Be sure to check out “Unsettling California” before its closing reception on Sept. 30., and all the weekly exhibitions that will occur after are free of charge. For those interested in showcasing their artwork, the Glass Box Gallery also sends a quarterly email for artists to reserve a weeklong exhibition. 

Shrunken Heads Production Company 

UC Santa Barbara’s student-run musical theater company, Shrunken Heads Production Company puts on shows that are “produced by, starred in and done for students.” Shrunken Heads Production Company hosts various theater-related events through the school year, such as workshops and concert series. Notably, the company hosts a spring musical. Some of their past shows include “High School Musical,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Spring Awakening.” The theater company also performs during the Magic Lantern’s screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show around Halloween time in the I.V. Theater. Those interested in getting involved can check out Shrunken Heads Production Company’s Instagram page, @shpcucsb, and their Linktree.  Supporters can be on the lookout for upcoming performances and shows on their Instagram page. 

I.V. Trading Post

The I.V. Trading Post is a student-run organization that promotes sustainable fashion in Isla Vista through community events like pop-up thrift shops and fashion shows. The pop-up thrift shops feature clothes that have been donated from people in Isla Vista, recirculating fashion in the community. Many of the I.V. Trading Post’s pop-ups also feature “3 for free,” allowing attendees to take home three articles of clothing for free! Their Instagram page, @ivtradingpost, also features #ThriftedThursday, allowing for followers and members of the community to show off their thrifted fits. Be sure to check out their Instagram page if you’re interested in donating clothes to recirculate I.V., attending an event or if you want to be featured on the page. 

Biko Garage 

Located on Sueno Road in I.V., Biko Garage aims to create a safer space for BIPOC, queer and trans folk by hosting a wide array of events. Biko hosts concerts, open mics, yard sales and more for all ages. Biko is also an alcohol- and substance-free space. The Biko Garage works in conjunction with UCSB organizations to host events, such as the open mic events with UCSB’s MultiCultural Center. Those who want to be in and help foster a safe place can attend events that are posted on their Instagram page, @bikogarage. 


KCSB-FM is UCSB’s student-run noncommercial radio station that airs a variety of radio shows and is host to a music blog. KCSB-FM had its beginnings in the early 1960s out of the Anacapa Residence Hall dorms. Since then, the radio station has had quite the history. Notably, during the 1970s, KCSB-FM became the first radio station to be ordered off the air by police. KCSB-FM commits to free speech and amplifies the community. Those interested in becoming involved in KCSB-FM can apply to become a radio programmer or apply to be on KCSB-FM staff. Those looking to support can tune in on 91.9FM or on their website,, to buy merch and more. 

A.S. Program Board 

A.S. Program Board is a student-operated organization that hosts a wide array of entertainment events at UCSB. These events include movie screenings, concerts, cultural events and more. Noteworthy annual events are Delirium and Extravaganza. Delirium is a concert that takes place during Halloween weekend. In 2021, Delirium was headlined by rappers Denzel Curry and Doechii. Extravaganza is a festival hosted during spring quarter that is headlined by a series of artists from different genres. Notable artists that performed at UCSB for Extravaganza include Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Charli XCX and Playboi Carti. Those interested in joining can volunteer  with A.S. Program Board, and those who want to support can be on the lookout for A.S. Program Board events to attend as posted on their Instagram, @asprogramboard, and Facebook.


Marisol Cruz
Marisol Cruz serves as the Artsweek editor for the 2021-2022 school year. She can always be found listening to music.