Warning: This article contains graphic content.

A UC Santa Barbara student was arrested by the Isla Vista Foot Patrol on Tuesday for allegedly hiding a camera in the bathroom of an Isla Vista residence on the 6500 block of Madrid Road. 

Asinobi placed recording devices within the bathroom of a residence on Madrid Road. Courtesy of Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office.

Fourth-year Justin Asinobi was charged with one misdemeanor and one felony: invasion of privacy by means of an electronic device and eavesdropping. Asinobi is currently being held with a bail of $400,000. 

Deputies contacted Asinobi at his residence and uncovered several “surreptitious recording devices” that they believe were used to record victims without their knowledge, according to a press release by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday evening.

No information is available yet on the days and times when the recording devices were in use.

Asinobi held an Associated Students (A.S.) position as the disability community public relations officer for the Commission on Disability Equality (CODE) and served as finance director of the A.S. Book Bank. Asinobi is also known for the Twitter account @jadedjustin___, popular among the UCSB community. 

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office (SBSO) is continuing the investigation and attempting to identify and contact additional victims. Those with additional information can contact the Isla Vista Foot Patrol at (805) 681-4179, call the anonymous tip line at (805) 681-4171, or make an anonymous tip on the SBSO website

The office of UCSB’s External Vice President for Local Affairs put out a statement on Feb. 16, informing students of Asinobi’s arrest and providing a variety of resources — including the Title IX office, Counseling and Psychological Services (C.A.P.S.) and Campus Advocacy Resources & Education Center (C.A.R.E.) — for students who were impacted by the allegations.

CODE — the A.S. organization Asinobi worked for — sent a statement to the Nexus on Feb. 17, stating that they were currently seeking Asinobi’s immediate termination from their executive board.

“After a painstaking and grueling interview and candidate selection process, the revelation of a new member’s egregiously misogynistic and profoundly appalling actions is a huge blow and a betrayal to all of us,” the statement said. “To say that Justin’s actions go against our values would be severely understating the matter.”

UCSB’s office of Student Affairs sent an email to the campus community Feb. 17, informing students, faculty and staff of Asinobi’s alleged allegations, offering a message of support to students who were impacted or involved, and urging students who observe any suspicious devices or activities to report them to the UC Santa Barbara Police Department.

“These current circumstances may be creating unique stressors for many in our community due to the public nature of these reports and the personal violations of private residences,” the email said. “Please know that what you are experiencing may be a response to trauma and that you have the right to resources and accommodations throughout.”

The email also listed a variety of resources students can go to for support, including the Office of the Ombuds, which provides confidential consultation services to students and faculty, and Standing Together to End Sexual Assault, an off-campus counseling organization and hotline for survivors of sexual assault.


This article will be updated as more information becomes available.


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