Oh, Valentine’s Day. A celebration for the couples, isolating loneliness for the singles. 

As someone who has never really looked forward to the “day of love,” I am just waiting for Feb. 14 to pass. Despite my indifference towards the holiday, however, one thing I do love about this holiday season is the music. Love songs are always fun and catchy to listen to, especially when the lyrics and melodies make you want to fall in love with someone. So for those alone on Valentine’s Day (or for those couples who are still hopeless romantics), here are some timeless songs – throughout the decades – to add to your playlist this month.

1.) Till There Was You – The Beatles (1963)

Before you say anything, I know not many people in college still listen to The Beatles. However, they are an iconic band for a reason, and “Till There Was You” is an underrated song that gives me butterflies every time I listen to it. The soothing sound of the guitar accompanied with Paul McCartney’s vocals creates such a lovey-dovey tone. I mean, how can you just not want to fall in love with lyrics like this: “There was love all around / But I never heard it singing / No, I never heard it at all / Till there was you.” 

2.) Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel (1977)

Although Bruno Mars’ song with the same title is immensely more popular for the modern-day era, this classic ballad by Billy Joel will truly never get old. Joel uses witty wordplay and rhymes to send the message that there is a person out there who will love us just the way we are. This song perfectly portrays that there is nothing more important in a relationship than accepting each other for … well, each other.

3.) True – Spandau Ballet (1983) 

Every time the 1980s comes up in conversation with my dad, he always tells me about all his favorite songs from the new wave genre. Although I loved all of his song recommendations, “True” is one of those ballads that stuck out to me the most, especially for Valentine’s Day. Spandau Ballet uses a soft, yet emotional ballad to describe how hard it is to tell someone how you feel about them. Though words tend to fail when expressing your true feelings, we “know this much is true.”

4.) Weak – SWV (1992) 

You know that feeling when your love for someone makes you feel weak in the knees? Well, “Weak” expresses this strong emotion we cannot even stand to handle in this ‘90s classic. Although it was very hard to just choose one song from this decade, “Weak” has to be one of my favorite songs from the 1990s. Although the cover of this song by Larissa Lambert is more famous on TikTok, nothing quite beats the original. 

5.) Our Song – Taylor Swift (2007)

This listicle would not be complete without at least one Swiftie song on here. Taylor Swift is notorious for her love songs, but “Our Song” is probably one of my personal favorites. Describing a song that means something entirely different for two people, Swift creates a classic that is perfect for shouting out loud during those Del Playa parties. My favorite lyric has to be the chorus – I mean how can you not want to scream “When we’re on the phone and you talk real slow / ‘Cause it’s late and your mama don’t know” at the top of your lungs?!

6.) Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran (2014)

When I think of the 2010s, I always remember hearing “Thinking Out Loud” every time I turned on the radio. Even though I have liked many of Ed Sheeran’s songs in the past, nothing will compare to the emotions and feelings this song brings out in me. Just hearing the melody makes me want to grab the nearest person around me and slow dance in a ballroom. The hopeless romantic in me hopes to one day tell someone that “I’m thinking out loud / That maybe we found love right where we are.”

7.) At My Worst – Pink Sweat$ feat. Kehlani) (2021)

What better way to end off this list than with this iconic collab between two of the best R&B artists in this decade. Out of all the songs on the list, I relate to the message of “At My Worst” the most. Whether it is a friend, a lover or a family member, we all want someone to be there for us at our lowest – at our worst. Ironically, this song is actually what comforts me when I feel “at my worst.”