Valentine’s Day is by far the most polarizing holiday — you either hate it or you love it. It’s always a mixed bag, and it can carry happiness and romance, jealousy and heartbreak or just general love for all. Here are 14 songs (and some honorable mentions) for 14 possible scenarios you may encounter on Feb. 14. 


“Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” by FINNEAS

FINNEAS provides the perfect low-pressure confession of love with this song. This light-hearted track proposes an easy romance that doesn’t even need to continue on to the next evening. A “soft-launch” of your undying love for them, I would say. 

Honorable (and More Straightforward) Mentions:

“Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer
“Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Olivia Newton-John

Slow dances

“Baby I’m Yours” by Arctic Monkeys

This song is originally by Barbara Lewis, but I love the Arctic Monkeys rendition. Super melodic and perfect for swaying, and the lyrics are fitting for the occasion. 

Honorable Mentions:

“It’s Been a Long, Long Time” by Harry James
“Don’t You Worry” by Oh Wonder

Date nights 

“Days of Wine and Roses” by Frank Sinatra

A perfect description of what Valentine’s Day is. It’s a short song describing the happiness that comes with days of wine, roses and a significant other in a jazzy tune. Perfect for a table for two. 

Honorable Mentions:

“I Couldn’t Be More In Love” by The 1975
“Falling for You” by Jaden feat. Justin Bieber

Make out!!!

“my hair’’ by Ariana Grande

Not much needs to be said about this. Just do what the lyrics say. 

Honorable Mentions:
“On The Way” by Jhené Aiko feat. Mila J
“Clutch” by Col3trane  feat. Kiana Ledé

It’s complicated …

“IFHY” by Tyler, The Creator feat. Pharrell

Tyler, The Creator examines the conflicting feelings he has toward someone else through this aggressive and sonically interesting track. He never meant to fall in love with the girl he’s singing about, and he’s not used to having such intense feelings of love and hate for someone at the same time. 

Honorable Mentions: 

“Holy Grail” by JAY-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

“In Your Eyes” by The Weeknd feat. Doja Cat

You’ve been cheated on

“Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” by Kehlani

A well-themed title for this article. In this R&B song, Kehlani sings about how she felt after her boyfriend was unfaithful. She ignored the rumors and feels like she can’t ask for help because then she would have to admit how she was wrong. Kehlani also addresses how her ex called her crazy and used her for her status. 

You did the cheating

“You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse

Winehouse confesses to infidelity in her relationship through this signature, soulful track. She captures the temptation and guilt she feels by saying “I cheated myself,” shifting the blame from her partner in crime to herself and acknowledging that she made the decision of her own accord. 

Honorable Mention: 

“4:44” by JAY-Z

Just got dumped :(

“None Of Your Concern” by Jhené Aiko feat. Big Sean 

The emotional cocktail of heartbreak, motivation and anger that occurs after a breakup is captured in this song. In a collaboration with her ex-boyfriend (at the time), Aiko sings about their relationship, and the two artists attempt to get past their breakup together. 

Honorable (and Sadder) Mentions: 

“Dancing With Your Ghost” by Sasha Alex Sloan
“right where you left me – bonus track” by Taylor Swift

Still have feelings, don’t wanna say

“Shot For Me” by Drake

An R&B track from early in Drake’s career, this song is about how he misses his ex. He’s super blatant — “I’m honest, girl, I can’t lie, I miss you” — and asks them to jokingly take a shot in memory of what they could’ve been. This line is also in reference to the idea of taking a bullet for someone, meaning he would do anything for them and wishes they would’ve done the same for him.

Honorable Mentions:
“I Wish You Would” by Taylor Swift 

“Stuck On You” by Giveon

They love someone else </3

“Somebody Else” by The 1975

Perfectly titled, this song captures the feeling of seeing someone you love find someone new. The 1975 encapsulates the emotions of being replaced, forgotten or never even known in the first place in this synth-pop/alternative track. 

Honorable Mentions:
“Jungle” by H.E.R. 

“The One That Got Away – Acoustic” by Katy Perry

Jealousy, jealousy

“People Watching” by Conan Gray 

The perfect combination of happiness for other people and the sadness and jealousy that comes with constantly seeing others in love on Valentine’s Day. This song starts off with yearn-worthy relationship stories, then leads into how Gray feels happy for them but really wants to see that in his own life. 

It’s your 20th year in a row being single (it’s okay!!!!)

“The Most Beautiful Thing” by Bruno Major

If yearning for romance was turned into a song, it would be this one. It illustrates someone who is eager and excited about finding love, but not necessarily rushing the process or obsessing too much over it. 

Honorable mentions: 

“Love Is A Game” by Adele 

“You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette

Celebration of a breakup

“Ex for A Reason” by Summer Walker feat. JT from City Girls

The title says it all! Walker and the City Girls came out with this upbeat track late last year, creating an anthem for those who are trying to leave their exes in the past. 

Honorable Mentions:
“She’s So Gone” by Naomi Scott

“Sorry Not Sorry” by Bryson Tiller

You just love love

All of the below songs are generally just good vibes. Upbeat songs, somewhat about love, fitting of the Valentine’s Day theme but not necessarily too mushy.

“Crush” by Souly Had
“C U Girl” by Steve Lacy 

“affection” by BETWEEN FRIENDS