Warning: This article contains graphic content relating to sexual assault. 

The UC Police Department Santa Barbara sent out two back-to-back timely warnings on Oct. 4, one for a sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 2 and one for a rape that occurred on Sept. 28. 

The Oct. 2 sexual assault took place in campus housing around 1 a.m. The survivor had just met the suspect, and the suspect is affiliated with UC Santa Barbara, the timely warning stated. According to the timely warning, “The victim met with the suspect at his residence, where he proceeded to touch her private areas.” 

The Sept. 28 rape was “at the house of a UCSB-recognized student organization,” the timely warning read. UC Police Department (UCPD) Lieutenant Dan Wilson later clarified that the recognized student organization was a part of Greek life.  

UCPD’s timely warning said that a student was attending a party when the surviver went upstairs to use a bathroom and the rape occurred in an upstairs bedroom. 

In both cases, the survivors did not directly file a report with UCPD. Both reports were anonymously filed through Campus Security Athorities — a part of the Clery Act which mandates campus staff, or campus security authorities, “with significant responsibility for student and campus activities” to report crimes that occur on campus property. 

Neither one of the survivors currently wishes to press charges, however, UCPD will keep the investigations open in the case that a survivor decides to press charges. 

Correction: [10/08/21, 6:45 p.m.]: This article has been corrected with the correction name for CSA, Campus Security Authorities. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that CSA stood for Campus Security Act. 


Atmika Iyer
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