As UC Santa Barbara opens its doors for in-person instruction beginning Fall Quarter 2021 after shutting down in March 2020 to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, at least two classes of students have never stepped foot on campus before. 

The Nexus has created interactive maps of the campus that highlight certain features and provide search bars for navigation to help these new students as well as future students figure out how to get from one class to the next.

In the text boxes below, enter in the name of a building on campus for your starting and ending locations to find a path between both places. Classroom names are listed on individual schedules on Gold.

Department Lecture Locations

The locations of lectures as listed on the UCSB Curriculum Search, published on Sept. 20, reveals where departments hold most of their lectures, which departments are the most spread out among multiple buildings and which courses are fully or partially online for Fall Quarter 2021.

Note that a course may offer multiple lectures.

Food Locations

There are four dining hall locations around campus. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, dining halls are requiring new access cards issued after October 2020 and are not allowing visitors. Besides the dining halls, there are other food options available around campus.

Inside the University Center, there are seven restaurants: Jamba Juice, Pandas Express, Romaine’s, Root 217, Santorini Island Grill, Starbucks and Subway, and a neighboring convenience store, The Corner Store.  

The Arbor is the campus’s largest convenience store, located across from the University Library and near other restaurants including Die Bretzel, Woodstock’s Pizza at the Arbor and Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

Courtyard Cafe is located in the northeast of campus. Yoshinoya is a Japanese kitchen located inside of Courtyard Cafe.

The Store at Buchanan, located in the northwest corner of Buchanan Hall, and Summit Café, located on the mountainside end of the University Library, both offer snacks, beverages and sandwiches.

Tenaya Market & Eatery is located near Santa Catalina Residence Hall and offers groceries and pre-made items such as sandwiches, salads and burritos.


Alex Rudolph
Alex Rudolph (he/him/his) was the Data Editor for the 2021-22 school year. He can be reached at