The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be livestreamed on Zoom, beginning at 8 p.m.

Profiles of all 38 A.S. candidates can be found here. The full preliminary ballot can be found here.

President: Yuval Cohen (Storke Party)

Internal Vice President: Bee Schaefer (Isla Vista Party)

External Vice President for Statewide Affairs: Esmeralda Quintero-Cubillan (Isla Vista Party)

External Vice President for Local Affairs: Shannon Sweeney (Isla Vista Party)

Student Advocate General:  Geovany Lucero (Independent)

On-Campus Senators (Five Seats):

  • Jessy Gonzalez (Isla Vista Party)
  • Ethan Engler (Storke Party)
  • Tyler Ferguson (Independent)
  • Soha Sadeghinejad (Independent)

Off-Campus Senators (Twelve Seats):

  • Brieonni Johnson (Isla Vista Party)
  • Abigail Merkel (Storke Party)
  • Caria Lee (Isla Vista Party)
  • Alexander Liebetrau (Storke Party)
  • Luisa Ramirez (Isla Vista Party)
  • Ranna Zahabi (Isla Vista Party)
  • Nicole Bongard (Isla Vista Party)
  • David Gjerde (Storke Party)
  • Jamison Evans (Storke Party)
  • Jonathan Alberts (Storke Party)
  • Kian Mirshokri (Storke Party)
  • Megan Khobian (Storke Party)

College of Letters & Science Senators (Four Seats):

  • Hailey Stankiewicz (Isla Vista Party)
  • Avital Rutenburg (Storke Party)
  • Vincent Tran (Isla Vista Party)
  • Taylor Tait (Storke Party)

College of Engineering Senator (One Seat):

  • Cesar Castillo (Independent) 

University-Owned Off-Campus Housing Senator (One Seat):

  • Erika Ramos (Isla Vista Party)

Transfer Senator (One Seat):

  • Hannah Lee (Isla Vista Party)

College of Creative Studies Senator (One Seat)

  • Cassandra Chow (Storke Party)

International Senator (Two Seats):

  • April Zhang (Isla Vista Party)
  • Aijia Wang (Storke Party)

Fee reaffirmations:

  • Arts and Lectures: Yes
  • A.S. Community Financial Fund (CFF): Yes
  • A.S. Legal Resource Center: Yes
  • A.S./KCSB Professional Broadcast Media and Journalism Staff: Yes
  • Bicycle Infrastructure and Education Fund: Yes
  • Bike Shop: Yes
  • Campus Radio 91.9 KCSB-FM/KJUC-AM: Yes
  • Childcare Grant: Yes
  • CLAS: Yes
  • Coastal Fund: Yes
  • Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB): Yes
  • Community Affairs Board (CAB): Yes
  • Daily Nexus: Yes
  • Disabled Students Program: Yes
  • Environmental Affairs Board (EAB): Yes
  • Event Center: Yes
  • Intramural Sports: Yes
  • Isla Vista Community Improvement Fund (IVCRC): Yes
  • Isla Vista Tenants Union (IVTU): Yes
  • Maintaining A.S.’s IV Presence in Pardall Center: Yes
  • Multicultural Center (MCC): Yes
  • Office of Student Life (OSL, now SEAL): Yes
  • Recreation Sports: Yes
  • Recycling: Yes
  • Student Commission on Racial Equity (SCORE): Yes
  • Student Health: Yes
  • Take Back The Night: Yes
  • The Bottom Line: Yes
  • UC Student Association (UCSA): Yes
  • Undergraduate Night/Weekend Parking: Yes
  • UCen: Yes
  • University Childcare Center: Yes
  • Womxn’s Commission – Commission for Marginalized Genders: Yes