I logged into my fourth Zoom session this week. This time, I noticed the backgrounds were easily filled with UCSB backdrops, a bedroom, a kitchen space, a backyard, a friend’s living room and even a grandparents’ bathroom. With remote work, anything is possible! However, the environment in which one attempts to get things done can affect productivity. 

The change from in-person classes to online learning has been a challenging transition for most students. For those who are still local and live in Isla Vista, students have found study spaces in pretty much any location where there is WiFi and, when lucky, also charging stations. Nowadays, you’ll find students with their laptops in hammocks, on the grass, outside stores with open seatings, on a bed — you name it! Sometimes, a change of scenery is what we need to get a little boost of motivation. We’ve all been there.

So if you find yourself around UCSB grounds again, whether you miss the presence or are just trying to get a feel of campus, or if you are looking for an alternate study space to complete your work, check these spots out on campus that have charging stations for your convenience!

(Sophia Ramos, staff photographer)

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To help you locate the study spots, we have created this map summarizing the places where outdoor charging outlets are available. Wish you a safe and productive end-of-the quarter, regardless of where you are studying from! (Illustration by Kelly Yan / Daily Nexus)

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