The Nexus stands by the reporting in the article published on May 17, “UCSB Student Says A.S. President-Elect Sexually Assaulted Him in 2018.”

Associated Students President Daevionne Beasley published a statement on May 26 in response to this article, claiming that the Nexus misreported the allegation brought against him. While the majority of Beasley’s statement addresses topics other than the Nexus’s reporting, there are several points that the Nexus believes are necessary to respond to in order to be transparent about our reporting process with the student body.

Throughout the month-long process of reporting this story, our reporters spoke with Beasley and others mentioned in the article multiple times. The Nexus fully understands the weight of the allegation we reported on and conducted a thorough investigation to verify all the information that was published in the article.

The focus of the May 17 article is the sexual assault allegation made against Beasley. Beasley was given an opportunity to respond, on the record, to every detail published in the article. He declined to respond to many of the Nexus’s specific questions about these claims, saying that he wanted Title IX to investigate them, as noted in the story. 

In his statement, Beasley criticizes the Nexus for not acknowledging a meeting held between him and Isla Vista Party leadership in spring 2018. The meeting, as Beasley said in his statement, was about a sexual encounter that occurred between Beasley and a UCSB student at a UCSB-affiliated conference in January 2018, which both individuals considered consensual.  

The May 17 article centered around a separate encounter on Feb. 23, 2018, in which Beasley was accused of sexually assaulting the same student after a party in Isla Vista. The sexual assault allegation is the focus of the article, not that meeting in spring 2018 nor any issues Beasley may have with Isla Vista Party leadership. 

Beasley also said in his statement that he believed Izzy Mitchell, the UCSB student who created the petition to recall him, was affiliated with Isla Vista Party because she had created graphics for several of their members.

We welcome anyone to critique or raise concerns about our reporting, and we are committed to listening and learning. While the Nexus did not consider Mitchell creating graphics as a formal affiliation, we understand that others may see it that way. Mitchell is referenced in the article because she created the petition to remove Beasley from office, and she is not used as a source to prove or confirm any information regarding the allegation. 

Beasley said he wrote his statement to clarify what he believes are misrepresentations in the May 17 article. The Nexus only published what we could fully corroborate, and we stand by our reporting. 

Harper Lambert
Editor In Chief


Harper Lambert
Harper Lambert was the Editor in Chief for the 2020-2021 school year and previously served as Opinion Editor. Long ago, she dreamed of becoming a child actor. She hopes it is not too late for her.