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Sam Rankin / Daily Nexus

UC-Wide: Gov. Newsom Announces Proposed 2020-21 Budget (Daily Californian)

The budget includes $36 billion for higher education, including community colleges, CSUs and the UC system. This is a $110 million increase compared to last year and specifically increases the UC General Fund by $217 million. The budget also includes $84 billion for K-12 schools and $750 million for a new state fund. 


UC Santa Cruz: Continued Striking at UC Santa Cruz (City on a Hill Press

As of Wednesday, the UC Santa Cruz American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) K7 workers were on their ninth day of striking; they announced earlier this month that striking would continue until the university presented them a contract that delivers “liveable standards.” K7 includes over 50 employees on the UCSC campus, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and HVAC mechanics. 


UCLA: UCLA Rejects Proposal for Students Experiencing Homelessness (Daily Bruin)

UCLA rejected a proposal from the North Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Undergraduate Students Association Council, calling it “unsanitary” for students to sleep in their cars on campus. Instead, the administration suggested a “hostel-like” environment where students pay $15 per night. A small-scale version of the hostel program would include 100 beds and could potentially begin as soon as Fall Quarter 2020. The councils also called on UCLA administration to collect more data on students experiencing homelessness. Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck said in the meeting that it is difficult to identify students facing homelessness versus housing insecurity. 


UC Irvine: Irvine’s Housing Crisis (New University)

New University looked back on housing trends over 2019, where increasing prices have led to lower home sales and greater housing insecurity for students and low-income people. These trends are coupled with lack of homeless resources, as earlier this year Irvine (along with four other Orange County cities) was sued for mistreatment of homeless people and lack of shelters in the city. 

A version of this article appeared on p. 3 of the Jan. 16, 2019 print edition of the Daily Nexus.