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Last weekend, Associated Students Program Board hosted the fifth annual Delirium concert in which DJ Mustard headlined and gave Gauchos an unforgettable night of music at the Thunderdome. With other talents like Leikeli47 and Kenny Beats, UC Santa Barbara students were hardly able to keep their feet planted on the ground as the crowd maintained an energy found only in the wildest night clubs.

Since Young Thug having headlined last year’s Delirium, expectations were high — and students were not disappointed. Eager Gauchos were seen lining up as early as 6 p.m., two hours prior to doors opening. Once doors opened, students were more than ready to party as they hurriedly ran into the ‘Dome, scrambling to get themselves as close to the stage as possible. With over half the venue filling up 45 minutes prior to the opening performance, it was quite apparent just how welcome DJ Mustard’s presence was during this time of strict party policing in Isla Vista.

But why were we, as I.V. residents, so excited to have DJ Mustard join us for our Halloween festivities? The fact of the matter is that no one knows a good party like UCSB, and if you know good parties, then you know DJ Mustard. You know about “Who Do You Love?” You know about “Rack City.” Being nothing short of iconic at this point in his career and still climbing fresh off the release of his new album “Perfect Ten,” it was no wonder that Gauchos were reaching great lengths to see the man himself. After all, DJ Mustard did share on his Instagram story that UCSB students should “stay home if [they’re] not trying to party.” So, of course, we all showed up.

For the students in attendance, the party started the moment they stepped inside the Thunderdome. Hundreds of costumed Gauchos were spotted singing and dancing along to the music leading up to the opener, and it only got wilder from there. 

Max Abrams / Daily Nexus

Hip-hop artist Leikeli kicked off the night with her hard-hitting African-inspired drums, giving the crowd a powerful pulse that amplified the already-excited energy in the room. With her charming stage presence, the crowd was seemingly possessed with an electrifying vivacity that even she noticed from the stage. It was at this point that Leikeli47 climbed down from the stage and gave way into the mayhem that was the sea of Gauchos.

Following Leikeli47, DJ Mustard promptly hit the stage, sending the crowd into a roar the instant he played the opening vocal sample, “Wait hol’ up, I’m finna turn this b**** up.” And turn it up he did indeed. In just a few seconds, the Thunderdome was transformed into a full-blown rager with bodies banging into each other, elbows everywhere and hands held high. It was as if UCSB had been relocated to the streets of Los Angeles, having been taken over by the beautiful West Coast bass that DJ Mustard was putting down. “That’s the Mustard I know,” third-year Abel Yohannes said. 

Max Abrams / Daily Nexus

While some Gauchos were being carried away by the music and performance of Mustard’s aggressive rap, others were literally being carried out of the pit by security for a volume of reasons including being too aggressive or being too drunk. DJ Mustard wanted to get a response out of the audience (and we sure gave it to him) before he said farewell with his feel-good track “Ballin’.”

The crowd wasn’t even given a chance to catch their breath, with Kenny Beats hitting the stage immediately after Mustard’s performance. Beats is known for working with some of the most in-your-face artists currently in the industry like Rico Nasty, Ski Mask the Slump God and Vince Staples. So, it’s not surprising that his set was hardly a kickback, making it clear that he was not there to wind down the crowd but to do the opposite. The muddy bass and his punk-esque instrumentals had every Gaucho in the ‘Dome banging their head, snapping their neck and sending their fists flying. His own tunes were enough to keep the crowd animated, but he decided to switch it up for a brief intermission from the chaos, playing Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” However, Beats was quick to get back to his roots and soon continued with the regularly scheduled bangers, maintaining the momentum for the remainder of the night.

Max Abrams / Daily Nexus

Gauchos were left tired and battered as they marched through I.V. afterwards, struggling to get home after the function, but still smiling with satisfaction. 

DJ Mustard understands every aspect of what it means to have a good time here in Southern California, and even more so what it means to have a good time in Isla Vista. So, if your professor asks why you are walking into lecture sleepy-eyed and grin-faced, you let them know it was because Mustard was on the beat.


Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes is a reporter from Port Hueneme, California. He likes music.