It’s the start of your freshman year of college and you’re excited to use your newfound freedom to explore and take on the Isla Vista scene. But with new freedom comes new responsibility. Follow these best practices to have the most safe and fun nights out in I.V. 

  1. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. Don’t sit on the curb. I literally can’t repeat this enough.
  2. Try to avoid walking through Anisq’Oyo Park (the big park in the middle of the loop) by yourself in the dark as there are very few lights along the paths and it is not a very populated area. 
  3. Take advantage of the fact that you go to school in literal paradise; take a walk down to Sands Beach for the most spectacular sunsets or look out for the many public gardens and orchards throughout Isla Vista.
  4. Don’t try fitting more than two people on the electric scooters or try doing any funny stunts — you’ll just look like an idiot. There is also the distinct possibility of one of you cracking your head open as well.
  5. Remember that it’s one mile from one end of Del Playa to the other, so don’t skip leg day in the weeks leading up to Deltopia.
  6. Living in I.V. is the best, but only when you are picking the right roommates. There is no need to rush into signing a lease this early in the year. A lot of people will encourage you to sign leases as early as October, but worry not, things always work out. Also, sometimes living with strangers can be one of the best decisions you make!
  7. The Co-op and I.V. Market are great places to swing by in a hangry emergency but don’t rely on them for your everyday grocery shopping. Your college budget will not accommodate it.
  8. CAJÉ is great for grabbing a coffee, smoothie or acai bowl, but if you want a bagel definitely skip and go to Bagel Cafe instead. 
  9. Sometimes it’s fun to wander around I.V. looking for something to do at night, but most of the time this leads to frustration and/or in-group quarrelling. Save your makeup for an evening with an address. 
  10. Take care of your fellow Gauchos. If you see a familiar face out in I.V. at night, it never hurts to do a quick check in and make sure everyone’s night is going well.
Melanie Ziment
Melanie Ziment served as the 2021-2022 managing editor and previously as the 2020-2021 Opinion Editor. In her free time she enjoys dancing, reading, and switching her major.