On Saturday and Sunday, over 200 people attended the Queer and Trans People of Color Conference hosted at UC Santa Barbara.

The conference – organized by a group of six students from UCSB’s Queer Commission – addressed several topics, including gender and identity-based violence beyond Central American borders, navigating S.T.E.M. as a part of the LGBTQ+ community and the gender and legal name-changing process.

“Being able to host this space is really important because we can see that at the university, there are other people who are like us. We do have a large community, and hopefully that moves at least one person to stay in college. We would have another queer person of color being able to graduate college, when statistically speaking, it is already hard to get in here, and even harder to [graduate],” said Ricardo Uribe, a former Letters and Science senator with the 69th Senate.

Photos of the event captured by Nexus photographers can be viewed below:

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