The Nexus will be updating this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be announced at The Hub in the UCen beginning at 7 p.m.

Profiles of all 50 A.S. candidates can be found here. The full elections guide can be found here.

The full preliminary ballot can be found here.

President: Alison Sir (Campus United)

Internal Vice President: Alli Adam (Campus United)

External Vice President for Statewide Affairs: Daevionne Beasley (Campus United)

External Vice President for Local Affairs: Christian Ornelas (Isla Vista Party)

Student Advocate General: Andrew Nguyen (Independent)

On-Campus Senators (Four Seats):

  1. Emma Swanson (Campus United)
  2. Adalis Rojas (Isla Vista Party)
  3. Austin Foreman (Campus United)
  4. Emily Diaz (Isla Vista Party)

Off-Campus Senators (12 Seats):

  1. Tianna White (Campus United)
  2. Quinn Lyon (Campus United)
  3. Eric Moon (Campus United)
  4. Giselle Etessami (Campus United)
  5. Ektaa Tendolkar (Isla Vista Party)
  6. Racquel Almario (Isla Vista Party)
  7. Kimia Hadidi (Isla Vista Party)
  8. Daniel Segura-Esquivel (Isla Vista Party)
  9. Dagan Addinall (Campus United)
  10. Makenalani “Roo” Cash (Isla Vista Party)
  11. Tyler Ferguson (Campus United)
  12. Vanessa West (Campus United)

College of Letters & Science Senators (Four Seats):

  1. Justice Dumlao (Isla Vista Party)
  2. Sarah Danielzadeh (Isla Vista Party
  3. Benjamin “Benjy” Chocron (Campus United)
  4. Olivia Campos (Campus United)

College of Engineering Senator (One Seat):

  1. Diana Reyes Carrillo (Independent)

University-Owned Off-Campus Housing Senator (One Seat):

  1. Suad Abdullahi (Isla Vista Party)

Transfer Senator (One Seat):

  1. Kevin Sway (Campus United)

Fee affirmations:

  • Arts & Lectures: yes
  • A.S. Community Financial Fund (CFF): yes
  • A.S. Legal Resource Center: yes
  • A.S./KCSB-FM Professional Broadcast Media & Journalism Staff: yes
  • Bicycle Infrastructure and Education Fund: yes
  • Bike Shop: yes
  • Campus Radio 91.1 KCSB-FM/KJUC-AM: yes
  • Childcare Grant: yes
  • C.L.A.S.: yes
  • Coastal Fund: yes
  • Commission on Student Well Being (COSWB): yes
  • Community Affairs Board (CAB): yes
  • Daily Nexus: yes
  • Disabled Students Program: yes
  • Environmental Affairs Board: yes
  • Event Center: yes
  • Intramural Sports: yes
  • I.V. Community Improvement Fund: yes
  • I.V. Tenants Union: yes
  • Maintaining A.S.’s I.V. Presence in the Pardall Center: yes
  • MultiCultural Center: yes
  • Office of Student Life: yes
  • Recreation Sports: yes
  • Recycling: yes
  • Student Commission on Racial Equality (SCORE): yes
  • Student Health: yes
  • Take Back the Night: yes
  • The Bottom Line: yes
  • UC Student Association: yes
  • Undergraduate Night/Weekend Parking: yes
  • UCen: yes
  • University Childcare Center: yes
  • Womyn’s Commission: yes

New Fees:

  • Student Initiate Recruitment and Retention Committee (SIRRC): yes