Some brains are hardwired to plummet into a pit of rejection of all things Valentine’s Day. But alas, Young Thug romantically crooning about falling in love and King Princess’s pop poeticness about finding love in the troughs of a shallow city would make any cynic want to overthrow their preconceived notions about the holiday.

“Nuyork Nights at 21” Lil Uzi Vert

“I was rocking Rick Owens, you was rocking Raf.” Lil Uzi channels his superpower of embracing his emotional vulnerability through a rap ballad. He declares the love we’ve always desired, one that involves wearing coordinating designer outfits with your significant other. If your boyfriend sings this in a car to you, chances are he is trying to subtly show his undying love through an Uzi track.

“Warm” Dre’es feat. Mia

Dre’es perfectly articulates the thoughts and emotions that come with an intense love within a cyclical, intoxicating chord progression. The beauty of making a love song is having a four minute record that perfectly captures the natural high we can get from romantic moments.


BBNG mastered the art of fusing old school funk with a jazz-centric eloquence. The Charlotte Day Wilson feature on “In Your Eyes” is a blissful close-your-eyes and imagine a whole scenario with your love interest that will likely never happen, but BBNG is good at making you believe in that momentary dreamscape.

“1950” by King Princess

King Princess sings a letter to a love interest about making a rather shallow big city, a bit of a brighter place due to their existence. There is no blatant “I LOVE YOU” message screaming throughout the song, which is what makes it great. You can affirm that unrequited love feeling through the subtle lyrics and instrumentation. If you find yourself falling in love, listen to this delicate earworm.

“Do U Love Me” by Young Thug

Roll the wedding scene of your own personal A24 film: you are getting married in a tiny courthouse and Young Thug adlibs serve as the soundtrack. In this cinematic ballad, Thug metaphorically likens his love interest to “getting clean like Windex” and shares an ideal Valentine’s date idea with  “in the tubby, poppin bubbly,” which, at their core, are two moments of pure love.

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