UC Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies was burglarized over winter break, according to an email sent out to all of the college’s students Tuesday morning.

The college reported a loss of $10,000. Nexus file photo

The College of Creative Studies’ (CCS) main office, located near the Chi-5 dorms, was burglarized on Dec. 17 around 5:30 p.m., according to UC Police Department incident logs.

The college reported a loss of $10,000, Assistant Dean Lynn Clark said in the email. UCPD is currently investigating the incident.

“You may be sure your personal safety and security are our first priorities,” Clark said in the email.

“When something like this occurs, it’s a breach of trust. It is not only the university that has been robbed, but our very own college and our community. Our personal resources have been selfishly violated.”

Clark clarified that there was no breach of personal information for students, alumni, faculty or staff.

She declined to release further details.

This article will be updated.

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