I am the Grinch (feat. Fletcher Jones) – Tyler, the Creator

Yes, Tyler, the Creator made a Christmas album, and yes, this song is really fucking good. Everything from the production to the vocals is quintessentially Tyler. Quirky, syncopated percussive elements are interspersed throughout the cut, fostering that groovy, fantastical atmosphere that is so paramount to the rapper’s sound. The track eventually builds into a cacuagheny of orchestral strings, glockenspiels and keys that are eloquently complimented by blissful harmonizations.

Puff Daddy – JPEGMAFIA

Following his early 2018 release of Veteran, JPEGMAFIA teams up with Kenny Beats on this wild, eccentric and glitchy banger. JPEG’s aggressive vocals and flows ride the bass-heavy, hyper-saturated production to cultivate a track that is sure to evoke anticipation for any subsequent releases from the rapper.

Off Deez (feat. J. Cole) – J.I.D

Prior to the release of his latest LP, Atlanta rapper J.I.D unites with his Dreamville cohort to cultivate one of the most exciting hip-hop singles of the year. “Off Deez” is fast, aggressive and braggadocious. Although I’m typically not the biggest fan of Cole’s, this is one of the most dynamic and tactically-sound verses he’s put out.

L.M.F. – Smino

On the lead single of his new studio album, R&B powerhouse Smino further establishes himself as a consistent and versatile force in today’s music landscape. “L.M.F.” features spirited melodies and a rich texture of flows and cadences dressed over production from long-time collaborator Sango. If you like this track, be sure to check out the rest of Smino’s NØIR, which debuted earlier this month.

Stay Right Here – Saba (feat. Xavier Omär & Mick Jenkins)

Chicago native Saba is back with a joyous set of sounds punctuated by vocals from Xavier Omär and a verse from Mick Jenkins. Jenkins has a solid guest verse, and Omär comes through with a killer, catchy hook as the three culminate on this bouncy, euphoric track to produce my favorite Saba song since his Bucket List Project of 2016.



William Emmons
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