IRVINE, Calif.

#1 Long Beach State (10-5-3 overall, 5-2-1 Big West) vs. UC Santa Barbara (12-6-1 overall, 5-2-1 Big West)

8th minute
Senior defender Mallory Hromatko takes a shot from outside the box but it is too far to the left.

12th minute
Goalkeeper for UCSB, Hannah DeWeese, makes the save. Long Beach State had a great opportunity in the counter led by Ashley Gonzalez but could not convert after missed shot from Katie Pingel.

14th minute
Sheehy sends the ball into the middle but Long Beach State plays it away nicely. Still 0-0.

24th minute
Gauchos force a turnover and Christine Maurer takes a shot but it is saved by Long Beach’s keeper.

26th minute (SCORE FOR LBSU, 1-0)
Foul on UCSB, Ashley Gonzalez will take the shot from just outside the box about 20 yards away. She shoots it right by the UCSB wall and scores for Long Beach State. Just past Hannah DeWeese. LBSU now leads 1-0.

28th minute
Hard shot from Gonzalez from nearly 25 yards out just tipped up by DeWeese and hits the top of the crossbar. Corner kick was taken by Long Beach but played away nicely by UCSB.

36th minute
Another LBSU corner kick, this one taken by sophomore Kaylee Ramirez. UCSB kicks it out.

39th minute
Shot from UCSB’s Cate Post is too high.

45th minute
UCSB’s Sydney Magnin takes a beautiful shot for the equalizer from just outside the box that looked like it would hit the corner of the goal but LBSU’s Imani McDonald knocks it away. UCSB misses ensuing corner kick.

52nd minute
Gauchos free kick is taken but a beautiful save is made by LBSU’s Imani McDonald. LBSU still leads 1-0.

56th minute (SCORE BY LBSU, 2-0)
LBSU keeps playing hard in the box, UCSB goalkeeper Hannah DeWeese steps up to knock the ball away but the ball ended up landing right in front of LBSU’s Dani Fujikuni who knocks into the bottom left corner. Long Beach State now leads 2-0.

59th minute
LBSU player is injured, time is stopped. Ashley Gonzalez is the injured player for the Beach.

60th minute
Save made by Hannah DeWeese.

65th minute
Mallory Hromatko passes it into the box and Shaelan Murison connects for a header but it is too soft. McDonald makes the save for Long Beach State. LBSU 2-0.

70th minute
Ashley Gonzalez makes a great run and takes a shot with her left foot but it is just wide.

73rd minute
Corner kick for UCSB taken by Shelan Murison. Everybody crowds the box for the Gauchos, kick connects with Jessica Parque whose header is just a little left and heads out of bounds. UCSB fails to score. LBSU leads 2-0.

75th minute
Another save form LBSU’s McDonald off a nice look the Gauchos had from inside the box.

84th minute
Shaelan Murison got into the box and took a shot but it was too high.

87th minute
Murison controls a deep pass just outside the box and passes it back to Lynsee Voss who takes the shot but is unable to score.

FINAL: Long Beach State defeats UCSB handily, 2-0. LBSU is now crowned Big West Conference Champs and clinch a berth to the NCAA Tournament. The season is now over for UCSB.


Jorge Mercado
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