Listen up, tea lovers: There is a new tea place in town! Located on 5599 Hollister Ave. is Phresh Teas, which prides itself on serving a variety of fresh and aesthetically pleasing teas to both satisfy your sweet tooth and provide great content for your foodie Instagram accounts.

Being the tea lover that I am, I was really excited to go check this place out. My friend and I decided to go there, study materials and books in hand, and enjoy the drinks Phresh Teas had to offer.

Upon arriving, we were stunned to see the roomy tables and bright natural lighting, and we quickly realized this was a great place to knock out some of our homework. My friend and I were both in the mood for boba, so we both decided to order the taro slush with boba. This drink was the perfect level of sweet, with a very rich and fresh taro flavor — great for a little boost of energy while studying.

Daniela Hernani / Daily Nexus

The taro slush was $4.50, plus $0.50 more for boba. The drink prices at this place range from as low as $3.75 to as high as $4.75, with all toppings costing an extra $0.50. Personally, I found the pricing to be fair for the quality of the drinks, and I liked that there was an option to add different kinds of toppings (i.e. boba, yogo jelly and lychee, to name a few).

I highly recommend this place if you are interested in consuming quality tea and having a place out of Isla Vista to study. I will definitely be returning to this place to try its fancier drinks and to study.