The Daily Nexus is excited to announce the revival of Campus Comment!

Campus Comment was originally a short column in the print paper with student commentary about campus life and Isla Vista. Today, the section will similarly feature perspectives from UC Santa Barbara students as they make their way through life at UCSB.

Here’s how these UCSB students deal with the stress that came with finals week of Winter Quarter, juggling academics and their own mental health.

“I rarely get over-stressed, and that’s probably because I always give a good amount of time to dance. By allowing myself time to get out of the chair, out of my head and into my whole body, my time spent dancing feels almost meditative. I’m able to take a step (or lots of steps) back and clear my mind through exerting myself to the physical limit. I can tell myself that if I can Break, there’s nothing I cannot do.” -Kai Goh, Third Year, Film and Media Studies Major
Photo by Lianna Nakashima, Daily Nexus


“Dance challenges me to face the work and struggle of a process rather than shy away from it. It pushes me out of my comfort zone to find value and pleasure in not knowing and having to explore. What a liberation to realize that the voice in my head is not who I am.” -Paris Cullen, Fourth Year, Dance and Psychology Double Major
Photo by Lianna Nakashima


“When I think of ‘stress’, the first word that comes to mind is ‘anxiety’. The two coexist for many people and personally, I’ve never been the best at handling stress. I tend to over commit myself until my plate of responsibilities is completely full. I think keeping yourself busy is healthy in the sense that it forces you to perfect your time management skills. But I also believe that in perfecting those skills, the stress and anxiety that comes with having a lot of responsibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. I am a double major, with two jobs, sorority demands and I still manage to make my mental health a priority. It’s all about your headspace and finding out ways to relax. For me, it’s walking to and from school, going to the beach, and reading every night before bed.” -Kalena Cortez, Fourth Year, Biological Anthropology and Dance Double Major
Photo by Lianna Nakashima


“Sometimes I really kick myself over-stressing, so I have a lot of ways to take a break. Snacking is the best, Trolli eggs and ice cream are my go to. Strategic power naps can save a day. When things really start kicking into maximum overdrive, nothing is more relaxing than cleaning the house–Clorox wipes are honestly holy.” -Jasper Tung, Third Year, Psychological and Brain Sciences Major
Photo by Will Tran, Daily Nexus

Though finals are far away midterms are starting to roll around the corner. Remember keep your health in mind! Have a good day, see y’all around campus.


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