In Isla Vista, summertime means sitting on rooftops or on the beach to watch the sunset, sailing to the Channel Islands, all while a wildfire scorches through thousands of acres in Santa Barbara County.

Photos by Daily Nexus photographers

A pod of dolphins glides through the water by the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Anthony Lai/Daily Nexus

Camp Kesem counselors play a game of egg roulette, risking having a raw egg cracked over their head. McLane Brown/Daily Nexus

Campers turn their counselors into “human sundaes” during Messy Day at Camp Kesem. McLane Brown/Daily Nexus

Camp Kesem campers pose with counselor king “Tukka.” Campers and counselors all had assigned “camp names” in place of their real ones. McLane Brown/Daily Nexus

Firefighters on a break watch smoke billow from the Whittier fire as the sun goes down. McLane Brown/Daily Nexus

Flames from the Whittier fire edge toward Highway 154. McLane Brown/Daily Nexus

Pictured here is Anacapa Island on a sunny day. Anthony Lai/Daily Nexus

The sun sets over Del Playa Drive on a Friday evening. Michelle Sharp/Daily Nexus


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