UC Santa Barbara admitted 32.8 percent of students who applied to the campus for Fall 2017, the UC Office of the President reported Thursday.

Supriya Yelimeli / Daily Nexus

UCSB admitted a total of 26,879 freshmen from 81,828 applications, a record number of applications to the campus in the past three years. The UC system received a total of 209,918 applications, up about 1.7 percent from the previous year.

The admission rate fell slightly from last year’s rate of 35.9 percent.

Approximately 35.3 percent of admitted students are first-generation college students, and 34.1 percent fall under the low-income categorization.

UCSB accepted 493 more out-of-state students than in the previous year and 297 more international students.

Phi Do / Daily Nexus

The Regents approved a cap on nonresident enrollment in May, limiting the amount of students to 18 percent of the student population across all UCs. Nonresident students currently make up 12.2 percent of the undergraduate population at UCSB.

The UC was met with criticism this year as students felt the crunch of rising enrollment and overcrowding.

A state audit also revealed in April that the Office of the President held $175 million in undisclosed funds and allegedly interfered with the auditing process.

The UC passed a measure to increase tuition in January, raising the price for in-state students by 2.5 percent. Undergraduate nonresident tuition also increased by $1,668.

The measure was tabled from approval in November because of student protests at the Regents’ meeting, but they ultimately passed the increase in January.

Renovations for new off-campus student dorms are scheduled for completion in the fall, as the UC plans to admit an additional 2,500 undergraduate students into the UC system this following year.

Current admission statistics are preliminary and may change as the UC finalizes its data.

Correction: Chart 1 listed previous years’ values for international students admitted by UC Santa Barbara. The numbers have been adjusted.