UC Santa Barbara students left class in Campbell Hall on Tuesday morning after a possible transient caused a classroom disturbance, police said.

The Tab UCSB said on Tuesday that the students “evacuated” the lecture hall after a “bomb scare” that morning.

Sgt. Rob Romero of UCPD confirmed on Wednesday that there was no bomb threat, however, but rather a “subject disturbing class.” Police also did not give an evacuation order, but individual students chose to leave class.

At approximately 10:23 a.m., a male subject entered Campbell Hall and engaged in a conversation with a faculty member, police said. The subject had “one or two backpacks,” according to Romero, and he “may have been a transient.”

According to Romero, the subject became frustrated when the professor didn’t recognize him as a former student and then left the lecture hall. Upon leaving, the male subject left a backpack next to a restroom in the foyer, Romero said.

Romero said concerned students noticed the backpack and called in UCPD about the suspicious object.

UCPD officers then contacted the male subject, who Romero said was “very cooperative.” The subject gave officers consent to search his belongings, of which Romero said there was “nothing suspicious.”

Tuesday marked exactly three years since the Isla Vista shooting of May 23, 2014, during which a gunman killed six UCSB students and injured 14 others.

“I understand students’ concern, especially on the anniversary of the tragedy,” Romero said. “There was no bomb.”