I put a lot of thought into the songs that would go into this playlist and their order. I tend to my music library the same way some people tend to their gardens, and in remembrance of the tragedy that befell our university three years ago, I picked what I thought might be some of the most beautiful songs to play you through whatever you may be feeling, to pick you up and remind you that everything will be okay.

The Middle East: “Months”

The Middle East’s lush acoustic song starts us off on a high note, building to a higher crescendo and putting you in the mood to sit back and listen to some tunes.

Rodríguez: “Jane S. Piddy”

Rodríguez’s voice lulls you through your thoughts; this prolific artist and subject of Searching for Sugar Man is a story in and of himself, and this song is one that will ease your thoughts and relax your mind.

Arum Rae: “Loners”

Sink further into the sound with Arum Rae’s Amy Winehouse-esque voice and singular sound. She steps back into acoustics with this simple melody and sweet lyrics.

Fleetwood Mac: “Albatross”

Time to float away on the wings of the albatross — the bird that is said to have guided sailors through storms.

Jake Bugg: “Country Song”

Wake up out of the reverie with Jake Bugg’s raspy but sweet love song.

Alex Turner: “It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind”

Arctic Monkeys fans will swoon for Alex Turner’s Submarine stand out, with sweet vibes and beautiful lyrics.

Cashmere Cat: “Mirror Maru”

Cashmere Cat’s “Mirror Maru” is a switch into the electronic realm with mellow sound (except for a brief drop).

Pond: “The Weather”

Pond shares a couple of band members with the amazing Tame Impala; they bring on the thoughtful ’80s vibes with the titular song of their newest album, The Weather.

Kendrick Lamar: “PRIDE.”

Kendrick’s new album needs no introduction, but this song blends electronic vibes with thoughtful rap lyrics to make you want to stretch out in the sun and think about life.

Sam Cooke: “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Sam Cooke’s classic is a beautiful, hopeful piece to call you out of your meditation and leave you feeling upbeat and optimistic. A change is gonna come, oh yes it will.