It is finally that time of the year again, folks. Spring Break has sadly come to an end, so we see ourselves fenced in for the first weekend back; however, in an effort to outweigh a multitude of rules and regulations comes the treat of a “welcome back” concert, with this year’s guests being RL Grime and Destructo. The third installment of this Gauchos-only event will commence Saturday in the Thunderdome at 8:30 p.m.

Destructo has dutifully engineered his own approach to the EDM genre, with his music tending to interface with darker, more melodic sounds. This includes crossing over into genres EDM music typically contrasts with (similar to that of hip hop), creating a blend fans of either genre can approve of. His apparent hip hop influence becomes clear in features/videos with well-known hip hop artists like Warren G, YG and Ty Dolla $ign. Rather than just being a contributing factor to his songs, each individual artist he enlists serves as a critical ingredient to the vision he has mastered. It goes without saying that the West Coast EP would indeed not have been as equally compelling without the aid of highly established West Coast figures in the music industry.

For those of us who are not too keen on the EDM genre, Destructo’s set is sure to be hip-hop-infused, making it a bit more palatable. Known for his generous utilization of colorful visuals and gas effects, you can guarantee this set will be one of “show” rather than “tell.”

Los Angeles native Henry Steinway (also known as RL Grime), made his debut with the release of his first EP, Grapes, in 2012. Like Destructo, RL Grime has dappled in the combination of the hip hop and EDM genres through not only his numerous remixes of well-known hits, such as Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” and Rihanna’s “Pour it Up,” but in the production of music for hip hop artists Tory Lanez and Big Sean. He has caught the attention of publications like The Fader,and charted on both Billboard and iTunes.

Although they certainly did not invent the traverse between EDM and hip hop music, each artist has undoubtedly added their own perspective on it. As a listener, there are certain details about production that go unnoticed/unappreciated in a piece, so this show may very well be an opportunity to make note of those details because they will assuredly be brought by both RL Grime and Destructo.