As someone who describes making music as “necessary to his health,” Marc E. Bassy is not the type of person to only put half of themselves into their art. Art itself is broken because it is often formed with shattered pieces of ourselves that we try to make sense of by piecing them together.


Courtesy of Velvet Jones

One neglects their art when they put up barriers that prevent their mind from ever tapping into real pain, but like a handful of artists, Marc E. Bassy utilizes this hurt to fuel his art. Several of us will be experiencing a different kind of pain as we endure finals week, which is why seeing Marc E. Bassy when he hits Velvet Jones next Wednesday will be the perfect remedy. 

Born in the Bay Area yet residing in Los Angeles, Marc E. Bassy is no stranger to the artistic scene that defines the West Coast. After working with artists like G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Kehlani, one might think that he would already be a household name. Instead, his inimitable talent is masked by our perception of what genre(s) music should be categorized into. However, it has yet to alter the outcome of the electric melodies he continues to make.

Marc E. Bassy has created a wave of sounds so soulful and complex, struck by his distinct vocals, that there is no putting a name to it. It is a form of complexity that his fans have come to accept, and an overwhelming form of beauty that the world of music may have yet to be ready for. Vulnerability is what keeps one human, and it is embodied in the sound that Marc E. Bassy has crafted.

He has performed on larger stages across the world, so it is fair to say that as he takes the stage of Velvet Jones, it will be an impressive experience for everyone in the room. It proves difficult to put a name to the energy that runs through his veins, or the soul that fuels his fire, but it only makes being in his presence even more rewarding.

The intimacy, accompanied by his heart of his sleeve, will flood the room full of emotions that will plague the body for some time to come. This show will not just be one to attend, but it will be one to feel.