November’s election is one of the most compelling in Isla Vista’s long and lively history.

The following endorsements are based on the electoral races the Nexus has tracked most closely throughout this election cycle.

Our endorsements for Santa Barbara County Third District Supervisor and the Community Services District board of directors are guided by interviews with each candidate and supplemented by our reporting.

We believe it is a service as a campus newspaper to provide our professional opinion. Students may choose to disagree, but we suggest they do so by hitting the voting booths on Nov. 8.

Third District County Supervisor

Community Service District Board of Directors

  1. Two-Year Term
  2. Temporary Two -Year Term (First Position)
  3. Temporary Two-Year Term (Second Position)
  4. Four-Year Term
  5. Four-Year Term

Read our editorial about the Community Services District and get more information about Isla Vista self-governance.