The recent and horrific murder of Dr. Weidong Henry Han and his family is terrifying, puzzling and devastating. The well known doctor who has been practicing holistic medicine in Santa Barbara for more than 20 years was a brilliant and dedicated practitioner. The fact that his wife and five-year-old daughter were also slain is disturbing as well as unthinkable. Though police have not yet discovered a definitive motive for the murders, it has been released that they believe that the family was indeed targeted, meaning the attack was not random. Being that the attack was not a random act of violence and the assailants appear to have had some sort of reasoning, what possible explanation could there be for such a barbaric and disgusting act? Who could possibly want to end the life of a brilliant doctor who ran a popular practice? Though this barbaric triple homicide could be a case that is completely unrelated, this devastating murder is not the first that the holistic community has had to face as of late.

Back in 2015, 11 holistic doctors were found dead under suspicious circumstances within a span of 11 days. These stories made a breakthrough because of Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News who exposed the strange and dubious fatalities, noting that some were reported as suicides, others as murders and a few with no clear means at all. Autopsies proved unrevealing, causing the families of the victims to be skeptical. These stories got very little media coverage, which seems to be a trend when a story doesn’t fit certain political or social agendas. It is unbelievably disturbing to think that so many people who are so dedicated to the health and preservation of human life could be victims of corrupt assassination. I, for one, tend to be a skeptic when it comes to many conspiracy theories; however, this one resonates with me. In the last few years, I have grown spiritually and it has become a huge part of my life. I am a firm believer in holistic medicines and believe that eastern practitioners and doctors have a lot of knowledge that would be immensely helpful in improving western medicine. The outcry from the holistic community in regard to these deaths, shows the dedication and passion that these men and women had, not for money or success, but for the health and wellbeing of their patients.

One theory for the motivation of this string of deaths revolves around the use of GcMAF to destroy cancer cells. In short, GcMAF is a protein derived from white blood cells that are naturally found in the body. All healthy humans produce their own GcMAF, but when one becomes sick with illnesses such as cancer or other autoimmune disorders, the body’s production of it ceases. Many people swear by it, including holistic doctors, claiming they’ve seen it cure or experienced the cure themselves. The external administration of GcMAF is said to rebuild one’s immune system, even showing improvement in stage-four cancer patients within the first week. It basically sounds miraculous when compared to the treatments that western doctors use religiously when treating these fatal diseases. As expected, the claims made on GcMAF were criticized as soon as more people began the use of and research on GcMAF. Many published studies were retracted and nullified, claiming it had not been properly studied and contained no solid scientific foundation. Yet, there is little that can be found about GcMAF in the mainstream media. One must go looking for the information, and when it is found, the reviews and opinions on it are astoundingly positive. All in all, it is thought throughout certain parts of the holistic community that these deaths are at the hands of the big pharmaceutical companies on the basis of greed. Over the years, more and more people have realized the corruption within big pharmacology. Even those who believe and adore western medicine know the dirty and greedy side to pharmaceuticals being that many have experienced their own personal problems with them. Lowered immune systems due to overuse of antibiotics, addiction to pain medication and the constant handout of pills like candy are no longer secrets to Americans. However, is it possible that the desire for money could truly taint human character to this extent? How far could big pharmaceutical companies truly be willing to go in order to sustain their massive influx of revenue? Though the theory of GcMAF is prevalent among those trying to uncover this suspicious train of deaths, it is not the only one. Holistic doctors have several practices and treatments that have been seen to have great success when compared to mainstream medicines.

Seeing as I had a seven-year-old cousin who died from leukemia, the idea that greed could top the health and wellbeing of other human being enrages me like no other. If these conspiracy theories are indeed true, I guess the idea of me writing this article and exposing my thoughts could be viewed as utterly stupid. Yet, I don’t care. It is uncertain if or when various corruptions will ever be exposed; however, I think it is important to talk about them and spread knowledge so that tragedies in the name of avarice can come to an end. As stated before, it is impossible to know if the saddening and horrifying death of the Han family could be related to the other deaths of holistic doctors, but it sparked my motivation to delve deeper into the research of it. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who knew and loved Dr. Weidong Henry Han and his family, and I truly hope that justice is brought to those who could commit such an unthinkable act.