The Daily Nexus won six awards from the California College Media Association on Saturday.

The Nexus placed first in five categories for weekly newspapers — best website, best headline portfolio, best photo series, best editorial and best breaking news story — and also placed third in best news photograph.

Emile Nelson, the paper’s editor in chief, said in a statement that he “couldn’t be happier with the results of this year’s CCMAs.”

Even better than the awards “is knowing that each and every one was earned through the dedication and passion of the students here at the Nexus,” Nelson said.

“That’s what makes us a nationally ranked newspaper and that’s what’s going to keep us serving this community in the best way we possibly can — the passion, honesty and ability of the students at the Nexus.”

The judges wrote that “excelled with a clean and well-organized home page, strong navigation tools and a wide variety of content,” adding, “An easy-to-use search tool helps find stories as far back as 2000.”

Nexus Copy Chief Simone Dupuy won best headline portfolio for what judges wrote was a good mix of “inventive and informative heads.” The headlines included “Waive Goodbye to Your Financial Aid” and “Deltopia 2015: Boots on the Ground, But It’s Still Going Down.”

Photographers McLane Brown and Paris Cullen and Photo Editor Lorenzo Basilio won best photo series for “In Photos: Candlelit Vigil,” which documented a vigil that thousands attended after the shooting in Isla Vista in May 2014.

Photo Editor Lorenzo Basilio won third place in the news photograph category for this photo of the Million Student March in November.

Photo Editor Lorenzo Basilio won third place in the news photograph category for this photo of the Million Student March in November.

Basilio also won third place in the news photograph category for his picture of UCSB students marching in the Million Student March in November. “It’s hard to make protest photos not look staged for the media’s benefit,” the judges wrote. “This is different. There’s movement, there’s emotion in all the faces and there’s an excellent crop and framing.”

Assistant News Editor Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs won best editorial for “Ineffective at Best, Frightening at Worst: Inside Gaucho FYI,” which judges wrote was a “persuasive commentary on how a mandatory workshop meant to educate students on the dangers of sexual assaults failed.”

Five members of the news team won best breaking news story for their article “Yang Meets Sexual Assault Survivors’ Demands After Thirteen-Hour Sit-In.” The judges wrote that News Editor Megan Mineiro, Managing Editor Cheryl Sun, County News Editor Beth Lebens, University News Editor Supriya Yelimeli and Assistant News Editor Juliet Bachtel pulled “together disparate elements in a developing story, smartly choosing key points to highlight and using a range of sources to build depth.”

A full list of the CCMA awards can be found here.

[Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the awards were announced on Friday. The awards were announced on Saturday.]