Effie Sklavenitis/Daily Nexus

UCSB American Red Cross’s bake sale not only raises money for Syrians in need, but also increases public awareness of the refugees’ dire situation. Effie Sklavenitis/Daily Nexus

UCSB American Red Cross is hosting a bake sale in front the UCen Tuesday through Thursday to raise money for Syrian refugees.

Over 70 goods were baked in preparation for the first day of the sale, including candy corn-shaped Rice Krispy treats, brownies, apple rose pastries and peanut butter, sugar and chocolate chip cookies. Last year, UCSB American Red Cross held a bake sale to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Internal vice president of UCSB American Red Cross and third-year biology major Allie Liu said she hopes UCSB will come out and support the Red Cross’s attempts to help Syrian refugees.

“We are trying to support the Syrian refugees,” Liu said. “The American Red Cross, along with UNHCR, is providing food, shelter and anything that these people who are coming from a country in chaos may need.”

President of UCSB American Red Cross and fourth-year biology major Heather Halaweh said students really like the bake sale and ask questions about the refugees overseas.

“When we do the bake sale, we try to choose something that’s current, and we want something that a lot of people care about because it’s an occurrence that is happening on such a large scale,” Halaweh said.

According to Halaweh, the American Red Cross is working to pair new refugees with other refugees who have been in the country for a while to provide an understanding of what it’s like to come from a war zone.

“They help them assimilate, so I think that’s really cool,” Halaweh said.
Fourth-year global studies major Arivanh Onevathana said she was excited to hear the Syrian Refugee Bake Sale was taking place.

“We are always looking out for others and are very aware of what is currently happening in the world around us,” Onevathana said. “I was stoked to see the creative baked goods only being sold for a dollar because what better way to support by contributing to the cause than to enjoy delicious pastries at the same time? It’s a nice way for UCSB students to send aid during this time of crisis.”

Halaweh said the bake sale is one of her favorite events the club hosts because fundraising is one of the three main tenants that the club adheres to in addition to volunteering and offering certification courses.

“It just feels good to raise money for Syrians refugees who have been huge on the news recently,” Halaweh said. “It’s great to see the campus come out and support them.”

A version of this story appeared on p. 1 of the Oct. 15, 2015 edition of the Daily Nexus.