Paris Cullen/Daily Nexus

Paris Cullen/Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Finance and Business Committee (A.S. F&B) met Oct. 5th in the UCen State Street room to consider 14 funding requests from 12 campus organizations.

The committee began its meeting with $57,198.05 in Office of Student Life (OSL) funds, $8,665.26 in senate unallocated, $45,0000 in Student Initiated Outreach Program, $45,000 in culture weeks and graduations, $30,0000 for sports teams and $17,164 for academic teams. The committee fully granted six requests, partially granted six requests and tabled two requests.

Delta Sigma Pi requested $656 for a campus event and $2,300 to send five members to the Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs in New Mexico.

Delta Sigma Pi member Austin Kang said the group’s first request was for an Oct. 23 event to educate UCSB students about the nonprofit organization Liberty in North Korea, which helps North Koreans escape to other countries.

“We are hopeful that [this event] will bring awareness about the condition and the situations that people in North Korea live in,” Kang said. “There is going to be at least one refugee that will speak.”

The committee fully funded the group $656 but tabled its request for $2,300 to the Oct. 12 meeting.

KCSB representative Matt Merritt requested $2,000 for Hello World!, a music festival on Oct. 10 in Anisq’Oyo’ Park that will feature Scientist, The Lions and Cornerstone.

“We are bringing these groups, musical groups, from all around the world to come and perform,” Merritt said. “We are educating the community on these groups and their cultures. And then also educational in the sense that we are bringing members of our own community in one place to appreciate and discover each other’s culture.”

The committee voted to fully fund KCSB.

UCSB League of Legends (L.o.L.) treasurer Elaine Hu and public relations chair Albert Chen requested $80 for a gaming event Oct. 11at the Loma Pelona Center.

The committee voted to fully fund UCSB L.o.L.

Swing and Ballroom Dance Club co-treasurer Cecilia Gutierrez and president Steve Carlan requested $2,594 for a free swing dance event Oct. 24 in the Student Resource Building.

The committee voted to fund the club $1,460 for a band, refreshments and Community Service Officers (CSO’s) at the event.

Cotillion Dance Club treasurer Alex Vera and vice president Samuel Anspach requested $2,921 for the club’s annual dance competition, Beach Ball.

The committee voted to fund the club $2,120 to hire professional dancers for the event.

Transfer Student Alliance requested for $426 for their first general meeting on Oct. 14 in the Student Resource Building.

The committee voted to fully fund the group for its upcoming event.

On-campus senator and second-year political science major José Magaña requested $2,474 from senate unallocated funds for condom dispensers to place in bathrooms around campus.

CCS Collegiate Senator and third-year CCS chemistry and biochemistry major Dustin Larrazolo said the committee should fund Magaña’s project, because it fully granted KCSB’s request.

“Safe sex is more important than a broadcasting radio station’s event,” Larrazolo said.

Kevin Koo recommended Magaña request funds through a campus organization in order to access OSL funds as opposed to senate unallocated.

“He is working with other student groups and OSL groups,” Koo said. “He could just come in next week.”

The committee voted to table Magaña’s request until its Oct. 12 meeting, suggesting he seek other funding options throughout the week.

A.S. F&B then voted to fund Lindy Circle $2,000 out of its first request of $2,743, as well as $520 of its second request of $580.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) member Charles Jones requested $7,995 for its annual, three-day Greeks 4 Kids fundraising event, which includes a carnival, dodgeball tournament and dance-off.

The committee funded ATO $6,595, including $3,200 to rent Campbell Hall for the dance-off.

Professor of sociology John Foran requested $1,006 on behalf of System Change Not Climate Change for the group’s upcoming conference, 21st Century Ecosocialism: Practicing System Change, Making Connections, Building a Movement, which will take place Oct. 9 through Oct. 11.

Foran said the conference is an opportunity to educate students who are not taking classes about environmental issues.

“Certainly this is something that should be of great interest to our students in a number of other classes on campus,” Foran said.

The committee voted to fully fund System Change Not Climate Change.

The committee then voted to grant UCSB Students for Bernie Sanders the $175 it requested for a Democratic presidential debate viewing event Oct. 13 in the Hub and to grant BSU the $590 it requested.

[Correction: A previous version of this article did not include the entirety of Larrazolo’s quote and misnamed his majors. A previous version of this article also said Delta Sigma Pi requested funding to attend Leadership Empowerment Alliance Development, but the event is called Leadership and Excellence Academics for Deltasigs.]