The Associated Students Senate University Affairs Committee held a meeting Tuesday in the UCen Goleta Valley Room to discuss three bill proposals.

The Committee discussed “A Bill to Update Policy 7,” which would prohibit A.S. candidates from serving as Senator proxies, “A Bill to Amend Article VI, Section 1 §D.2 of the AS Legal Code,” which updates language on Greek Life relations and “A Bill to Update Policy 30: Media and Publicity,” which aims to improve A.S.’s use of Facebook.

Second-year English major and On-Campus Senator Matthew Santos said A.S. executives and candidates should not be allowed to serve as proxies in Senate. Proxies are defined as temporary stand-ins for Senators unable attend Senate meetings who must be approved by the Board of Directors and are able to vote for the absent Senator, according to the A.S. Legal Code.

“Senator proxies cannot be people that have declared their candidacy to run in any on-going elections,” Santos said. “I added in this highlighted piece that says Senator proxies cannot be current executives.”

According to On-Campus Senator and second-year religious studies and philosophy double major Jennifer Liem, the Fraternity and Sorority Council changed their name to the Multicultural Greek Council, so Article VI of the A.S. Legal Code should be updated accordingly.

“I think that we should also change the Fraternity Sorority Council, because I am on that council and we changed that name to Multicultural Greek Council,” Liem said.

Off-Campus Senator and second-year history of public policy major Cassandra Mancini said the A.S. legal code should list the new Professional Greek Council as a Greek community alongside the Inter-Fraternity Council, Collegiate Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council.

“Apparently it is a new thing,” Mancini said. “They just started getting their stuff together.”

Mancini said the bill to update media and publicity policy would link the official A.S. page to the A.S. Facebook page.

“You can tag pages to A.S. UCSB and apparently we have a Wikipedia,” Mancini said. “Associated Students didn’t know that. I was going to add to the bill once I think about this for a little bit, how to have everyone have this community page about A.S. UCSB.”