Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) and UCSB Police Department (UCPD) responded to a fight, a bicycle theft and an attempted robbery last weekend.

On Thursday night, dispatch responded to a call reporting a fight on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive. IVFP deputies and UCPD officers were informed one combatant likely had a weapon and another may have been thrown off of a balcony. The two male subjects fled the scene as officers arrived. An IVFP deputy caught one suspect, Omar Flores, who had a large laceration to his left arm. The other suspect described as a black adult male wearing shorts and no shirt escaped. IVFP conducted an in-field lineup, and witnesses identified Flores as a combatant in the fight. Deputies transported Flores to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for treatment of his arm.

Later on Thursday night, witnesses reported seeing the other escaped subject enter an apartment near the scene of the fight. Deputies searched the apartment with consent from the residents and found suspect Darris Lee Cotton hiding in a back room. In another in-field lineup, a witness identified Cotton as the second combatant. Cotton reportedly hit Flores in the head repeatedly with a broomstick, causing injury. Deputies arrested Cotton and transported him to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for possible alcohol poisoning. Both Flores and Cotton were later transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Saturday morning, an I.V. resident entered the IVFP station just before 7 a.m. to report suspicious activity from two subjects entering backyards on Del Playa Drive and possibly stealing bicycles. Deputies found suspects 21-year-old Jack Vanantwerp and 18-year-old Dillinger Douglas with two bicycles at 7-Eleven on Trigo Road. The suspects admitted to stealing the bicycles and were brought into custody by deputies. The bicycles did not match any reports.

On Saturday night, deputies found SBCC students Joshua Powell and Keaton Jensen attempting to enter an apartment through a window. An investigation followed and deputies determined Powell and Jensen had no reason to enter the apartment. Both subjects were arrested and taken to Santa Barbara County Jail.