The Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) and the I.V. Food Co-op will host an informational event on local and global food systems Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Food Co-op on Seville Rd.

The event, part of EAB’s “Earth Week,” will feature videos from TEDxManhattan’s conference, “Changing the Way We Eat,” speakers involved with the local foods system and local organic food from the Co-op and UCSB Sustainable Food Cart.

Scheduled speakers include third-year global studies major Nancy Yang from the UCSB Sustainable Food Carts, fourth-year environmental studies major Emilie Wood from the A.S. Recycling Program and local food access expert Maya Topitzer from nonprofit group Isla Vista Youth Projects Inc.

The variety of issues that will be discussed could be the inspiration for an individual to become a good food advocate. – Co-op education and outreach coordinator Ashley Audycki

Co-op education and outreach coordinator and UCSB alumna Ashley Audycki said the event will bring together people who are interested in the environmental impact of food.

“Students should attend for the opportunity to listen and meet people who are excited about being involved with helping improve our food system,” Audycki said in an email.

Audycki said EAB and the Co-op chose speakers Yang and Wood because of their relevance to the local food system.

“Since the event is in collaboration with a UCSB organization, we sought to have representatives that are involved with campus food issues,” Audycki said.

Yang said her talk will outline the five-year-old mission of UCSB Sustainable Food Carts to offer an alternative to on-campus dining.

“I was going to talk a little bit about how I first got interested in learning more about both food and cooperative business models through interning and working at the I.V. Food Coop the past two years,” Yang said.

According to Yang, UCSB Sustainable Food Carts is setting up sourcing criteria, outreach goals and menu options through tasting events — one of which will be part of the Co-op’s upcoming event.

“We’re really looking forward to getting further student input, feedback, and thoughts, as well as establishing connections with local farmers and community-owned businesses like the Co-op,” Yang said.

Third-year global studies and environmental studies double major Megan O’Beirne said she looks forward to attending the event after having gone last year’s TEDxUCSB event titled “Energy to Power: Harnessing the Potential of Today for Tomorrow.”

“I was thoroughly impressed by the wide range of talks addressing topics from renewable energy to empowerment of immigrants,” O’Beirne said.

O’Beirne said she hopes this TEDx event will make people think about their role in the global food system.

“Ted talks are awesome and I’m hoping this one not only raises awareness of the impacts of consumer choices on the global food system, but also inspire people to make better and more conscious consumption decisions in their everyday lives,” O’Beirne said.

According to Audycki, the event will be a good chance for students to network and learn about their impact on local and global food systems.

“The variety of issues that will be discussed could be the inspiration for an individual to become a good food advocate,” Audycki said.