Law enforcement officers with the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) and University of California Police Department (UCPD) responded to numerous calls this past week on various incidents concerning a fight, drug seizure and vandalism.

Last Wednesday, deputies responded to an anonymous report of a suspicious white male adult, described as bald with full sleeve tattoos on both arms, near the Korean United Methodist Church on Camino del Sur. Deputies searched the area and located the subject, who provided false identification as James “Parilo.” The name “Parilo” was not found during a records check, despite several attempts to locate a match. The subject continued to provide the name “Parilo” and a false date of birth, until a California identification card was located in his wallet and he was identified as James Parillo. Parillo had an active warrant out for his arrest in Georgia and chose not to be extradited. He was ultimately arrested for providing a false identification and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

This past Thursday, a large swastika was found scratched into the hood of a black Lexus in a carport at 6500 Cordoba. Law enforcement determined the vandalism had no apparent target, as the victim said she did not have disputes with anyone and is not Jewish.

During the Friday day shift, IVFP deputies responded to ongoing complaints from the Isla Vista Elementary School staff concerning vehicles parked illegally in front of the school. The staff reported that the illegally parked vehicles were obstructing parents’ vehicles as they dropped off and picked up their children from school and that it constituted safety hazard because it forced students to walk in the middle of the roadway to get to school. IVFP deputies issued 28 parking citations and 16 warnings that gave the vehicle owners 72 hours to move their cars.

On Friday night, IVFP recorded 21 physical, 17 adult and 4 juvenile arrests and issued dozens of citations. On the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde, deputies arrested four students during a fight involving more than eight people using fists and a broken cane. The subjects resisted arrest and had to be subdued with impact weapons. La Jolla High School student Jake Rosenthal, his brother and UCSB student Bryce Rosenthal and Santa Barbara City College student Mason Rutherford were treated by American Medical Response on scene and booked into county jail. The juvenile who started the fight was visiting I.V. from San Diego with the Rosenthal brothers and was booked into Santa Maria Juvenile Hall for providing a false identification.

Later on Friday, deputies found Garrett Kosloff in his vehicle snorting a line of Xanax on the 6700 block of Trigo Road. He was also in possession of a half-pound of marijuana that he admitted to selling to his friends. Kosloff was arrested and booked into county jail. Deputies also found students in possession of marijuana and alcohol when they responded to a noise complaint concerning a property on the 6600 block of El Colegio. Upon searching the property, deputies found underage female students from the English First (EF) language school in Santa Barbara, drinking alcohol. The party hosts, EF student Armendariz Izquierda and UCSB student Luis Ortiz, were arrested for contributing to the delinquency of minors. The EF students were released from the IVFP station to EF staff.

On Saturday night, IVFP recorded seven physical arrests and 12 citations. On Sunday, IVFP units assisted the UCPD with an area search near Phelps Road and Cannon Green Drive, after a report of multiple females screaming in the area. Units searched westbound on foot along the bluffs and ended up at Ellwood Elementary, but made no discoveries.