This past week, law enforcement responded to numerous calls in Isla Vista, including reports of assault, prowling and thefts.

On Monday, law enforcement answered a call on Camino Pescadero concerning I.V. resident Manuel Rodriguez, who threw two DVD cases at a victim after an argument. Both cases hit the victim in the leg, and she whom suffered swelling and bruising on her inner right knee. Rodriguez became highly agitated once the authorities arrived. The victim later signed a citizen’s arrest and Rodriguez was taken to Santa Barbara County Jail.

On Wednesday, deputies responded to a call for a possible verbal altercation between domestic partners on the 6600 block of Trigo. Subsequent investigation found there was no argument taking place. However, the 19-year-old male resident, Jose Benitez of Santa Barbara, had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants and was arrested.

On Thursday night, an I.V. Foot Patrol bicycle unit was deployed throughout I.V. and issued eight citations, mostly for alcohol and noise violations, and two physical arrests, one for lewd behavior and the other for prowling at a local church.

On Friday night, IVFP recorded seven physical arrests and 15 citations, mostly for alcohol and noise violations. Also, all IVFP units responded to Storke Road in front of Rusty’s Pizza for a traffic collision with a severe injury and a subject pinned under a vehicle. A juvenile pedestrian was struck as she waited with her family at the bus stop. The driver of the vehicle had lost control immediately after a traffic collision with another driver and then veered onto the curb and bus stop area.

On Saturday three deputies made six physical arrests and 12 citations.

At approximately midnight, deputies responded to a call about a suspect prowling in the backyard of a property on the 6600 block of Sabado Tarde. The suspect was described as a black male adult, wearing a red baseball cap, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and carrying a red duffel bag and laptop. Deputies detained the suspect in the alleyway behind the residence on suspicion of prowling. A line-up was conducted and the subjects who had seen him prowling identified him, though they decided they did not want to pursue charges. The identified suspect was not in possession of a duffel bag, and when K9 units arrived on scene, they were unable to locate the duffel bag. The suspect is a person of interest in several possessions of stolen property cases. Because no stolen property was found, the suspect was released and a report was filed for documentation purposes.