Missile Attack Kills Two Soldiers on Lebanon Border
A Hezbollah missile attack killed two Israeli soldiers as well as a Spanish UN peacekeeper and wounded seven others as the soldiers drove through a disputed zone along the Lebanese border on Wednesday. The attack escalated the conflict between Israeli and Lebanese militant group, resulting in both sides firing rockets and artillery at one another for hours after the incident. This flare up broke a nine-year period of calm between the two groups since their month-long war in 2006 . (New York Times)

ISIS Terrorist in Child Executioner Video Killed
According to a counter-terrorism official, notorious ISIS fighter Abu Saad al-Dagestani was killed in combat this past Wednesday. The ISIS terrorist was featured in a gruesome video released earlier this month with a young child executing two alleged Russian spies with a handgun. Counter-terrorism officials debated if the execution was real, as there was a lack of blood splatter and bullet impact. ISIS executes those they claim to be violating Sharia Law or their own internal rules, usually by beheadings and amputations, and have released these videos on the Internet to warn their enemies. The death of al-Dagestani was made public from ISIS Twitter accounts. (ABC News)

Tripoli Hotel Attacked By Militants
Militants attacked a hotel in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, killing at least nine people on Tuesday. Several men stormed the building and opened fire in the reception area, and at least two are suspected of suicide bombing. One car bomb was also detonated in the attack. The exact number of assailants is unknown and five out of the nine killed were foreigners, including one U.S. and one French citizen. A Twitter account linked to the Islamic State said the militant group carried out the attack. There have been a string of abductions and bombings in Tripoli linked to the Islamic State prior to the attack as well. (BBC News)