This past week, law enforcement officers with UCSB Police Department (UCPD) and the Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) responded to various incidents including noise ordinance infractions, abuse of the elderly and theft.

According to a weekly crime report, during the night shift last Wednesday law enforcement officers attempted to issue a noise ordinance violation on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive. During the confrontation with a resident of the home, the officers noticed a student attempting to conceal half an ounce of marijuana for which he did not have a medical card by destroying it. When the officers approached the individual, he provided a false identity and was subsequently arrested.

The following day, officers stopped a vehicle from “Jump on the School Bus” transportation while it was loading passengers on Ocean Road and Trigo Road. The bus was playing excessively loud music and honking its horn to catch the attention of potential nearby riders, which led to the officers on patrol to question bus driver Nicholas Zwart. UCPD officers cited Zwart for not having insurance, and warned Zwart against loading the bus on campus.

This past Friday officers logged 9 arrests and 22 citations, with a notable charge for abuse of the elderly. Officers were called to check the welfare of a 68-year-old amputee and Vietnam War veteran at Friendship Manor on Friday night. The victim’s caretaker, Russell Tokle, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Upon entering his apartment, the officers found it unsanitary to the point of being uninhabitable, littered with things like cat feces and rotten food. Tokle was arrested for his previous warrant and is under view for elder abuse. The victim was granted an immediate move out of the apartment and taken into the care of Adult Protective Services.

Also on Friday night, officers responded to a noise citation on the 6500 block of Segovia. Around midnight, the resident said he would turn down his loud music, but at 2 a.m. the music resumed its high volume. Officers returned to the residence, shut down the party and issued a noise citation. As party-goers filed onto the street from the party, law enforcement officers noticed one man too intoxicated to take care of himself. While attempting to place him into the patrol car, a fellow student interfered, attempting to stop officers from arresting the man. Following the altercation, both students were arrested for a drunk in public citation and a citation for interfering with law enforcement, respectively.

On Saturday, IVFP units responded to a theft call at the Subway on Pardall Road. Upon arrival, officers found the victim fighting with the suspected perpetrator and ended the conflict immediately. During the investigation, deputies determined that the suspect was in possession of the victim’s backpack, an iPhone and several other stolen items. The suspect was then arrested and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

Officers also responded to a call about a male breaking a window at the 7-Eleven on Seville Road this past Saturday. IVFP deputies located the suspect, Larry Anthony Ortiz, who was covered in blood and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Ortiz had broken a window at 7-Eleven, along with a window of a nearby car parked on Sabado Tarde. Ortiz was arrested for vandalism and later charged with battery against a police officer after spitting in the deputy’s face.

Deputies responded to another report of vandalism on Sunday, this time at the Isla Vista Clinic on Embarcadero del Mar. Upon arrival, police observed another broken window and blood spatter in the area. Deputies believe this incident to be related to the vandalism arrest from the night before.