What’s a good way to start the New Year if it’s not light hearted? So, that being said, here’s five tips and reminders to create a better you in 2015 — as told by the NFL.

1.) Never be afraid to stand up to your competitors. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin shows us that there is a right, and also very wrong way to confront your competition. We learn here how location and timing are key aspects you must master in order to achieve the best outcome.

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2.) Everyone makes mistakes. It’s the recovery that really matters. In life, you will fumble your metaphorical ball at one time or another, but instead of watching that dropped pass turn over into something worse, take the time this year to work on your recovery. Don’t just lie there after the hard tackle; get up and chase that ball. Who knows? You might even save your own butt and gain a couple more yards.  

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3.) Don’t be afraid to celebrate and appreciate who you truly are. You are you, so own that body, spirit and brain. Big or small, athletic or not, if this version of you is the best that you can be, it’s worth celebrating. Look at this guy, he’s pretty damn huge, but he plays in the NFL, and makes more money than I will ever hope to see. So, that’s pretty exciting, and I would be dancing too.

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4.) Never pass up on an opportunity to have a good cry. Good, or bad, letting out those emotions will only help you in the long run. Pull out that old copy of the Notebook, or even a re-run of last Saturday’s Steelers game, and if those horrible outcomes move you to tears, then let them run, I say. Because watching your team lose in a favored home game is, indeed, a tearjerker, and letting out those feelings may –just may—help you get over the deep, deep blow. Or not.

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5.) Always keep your eyes on the prize. Troy taught us that “can’t” is just a four letter word, and that you can be the defensive player of the year by working hard, being focused, and (figuratively, but also literally) jumping over any road block that may be in your way.

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Here’s to 2015, sports fans, it’s going to be a great one. Just don’t forget to remember to stop for a second every once in a while and take it all in. gif 6


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