Let’s all stop and do a reality check on what the proponents of Measure P claim the oil companies will do.

Do we think the oil companies want to deliberately ruin our water? They need this same water as much as you and I do.

Do you believe the oil companies want to pollute the air they and all of us breathe every day? The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District states that in 1990 the county had 87 days of ozone exceedance. In 2011 Santa Barbara County had three days of ozone exceedance. Today we are producing much more oil than we did in 1990, proving that oil production has not increased ozone pollution.

Is it possible that there was research done on what the proponents call “High-Intensity Petroleum Operations” before they were used for decades?

Everything the proponents say it will do (vesting, permitting, etc.) is not spelled out in the measure: all they want us to do is believe them.

Do you think the petroleum industry enjoys spending this amount of money to defend a drastically flawed and costly measure if it would not destroy their business? I’m sure they would rather use the money for research and development of newer technology or a donation to a charitable organization.

Why are there many more attorneys and legal analysts who question the language in this measure than those who are for it? I think they see the deception and how flawed it is.

I would rather we produce our own oil than import it.


Vote NO on Measure P.


Glenn Battles is a resident of Santa Maria