Each year the Nexus goes through some big changes: a new staff of Editors, new writers and new policies. But, this year we’re taking it a step further. As college students and as journalists, we like to invest in a promising future. And right now the future is digital news and media.

Our daily newspapers, read or unread, cost time, money and natural resources to print, all spent unnecessarily when the majority of our students get their news from the web anyway. Accordingly, the Daily Nexus will now print only one special issue every Thursday and give you the rest of our content where you want it: online, five days a week.

With this change, our office is less of a fire hazard, our news section is more connected and timely than ever, our opinion section is … well that depends on what you send us (hopefully more opinionated than ever) and our new website finally does justice to the articles we put out.

Basically, we’re changing so we can bring this campus a better, more effective and more responsible news source on a scale that is bigger and better than ever. We look forward to your continued support in this time of transition and invite anyone who thinks they can make a positive change here at the Nexus to come on by and talk to us in the usual spot — in the heart of UCSB — right under Storke Tower.

The Daily Nexus staff looks forward to another year of serving the great I.V. / UCSB community.