The Isla Vista Foot Patrol responded to a series of drug and alcohol-related offenses this weekend, as well as a strong-armed robbery and another incidence of theft.

Law enforcement officials arrested a team of burglars, investigated a strong-armed robbery that led to no arrests, arrested a group of minors for possession of alcohol and fleeing arrest and investigated and arrested an individual for possession of prescription strength cough syrup and hash. Officials also arrested two unrelated individuals for simultaneous incidents of shoplifting and battery, as reported by the owner of the 7-Eleven on Embarcadero del Mar.

According to IVFP Sheriff’s Lieutenant Robert Plastino, a strong-armed robbery occurred on El Greco Road at approximately 1:45 a.m. on Saturday. Plastino said the victim reports two males coming up to him on El Greco and hitting him repeatedly on the head.

“He was knocked to the ground and when he asked what they wanted, they said ‘cash,’” Plastino said. “He gave them $40 from his wallet and the suspects fled toward UCSB.”

The victim was not injured but was only able to give a limited description of his assailants, so police officers were unable to arrest anyone in connection with the incident. A UCSB emergency e-mail alert was sent to warn students of the incident and ask the public for further information.

Additionally, at approximately 2:40 p.m. on Saturday, deputies intercepted and apprehended a suspected team of burglars, according to Plastino.

“[California Highway Patrol] Officers observed a green GMC Envoy traveling northbound on Embarcadero Del Norte with one headlight out … and stopped the vehicle,” Plastino said. “IVFP deputies joined and contacted the people in the car. All were from Oxnard.”

Upon checking their identities, officers discovered that two of the men had arrest warrants from Ventura County. The men were arrested and officers conducted a search on the car, which revealed several burglary tools including pry bars, cutting devices, flash lights, gloves and puncture tools. Officers also discovered a marijuana pipe, two methamphetamine pipes, a small supply of methamphetamine, three hypodermic syringes and Xanax.

Plastino said officers recovered what appeared to be stolen goods, including eight cell phones and an Espana guitar in a black case that appeared to belong to an SBCC student.

“All four men were arrested and charged with possession of burglary tools, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of hypodermic syringes, possession of prescripted meds without prescription [and] possession of stolen property,” Plastino said.

On Saturday, according to Plastino, deputies also arrested an intoxicated subject who was jumping on the rear trunk of a parked vehicle.

“When I asked why he jumped on the vehicle, his response was, ‘Because I’m intoxicated and making bad choices,’” Plastino said. “The suspect had his older brother’s identification inside his wallet. When asked why he had his brother’s ID, the suspect responded, ‘to buy alcohol of course.’”

Although Plastino said “the level of honesty was very rare,” the suspect was arrested for being drunk in public, minor in possession, causing damage to another’s vehicle and possession of someone else’s identification.