New Budget Proposal Outlines Plans to Boost Funding Towards K-12, Higher Education; Middle Class Scholarship Recipients To Reduce Tuition for UC, CSU Students Up To 40 percent

budget 1.13


California Governor Jerry Brown announced his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year on Thursday, with the proposal including an additional $142.2 million to the University of California.

In addition to funneling five percent more funds toward the UC, Brown’s proposal includes an increase in K-12, community college and California State University funding, stipulating that they must find budgets that do not depend on tuition increases. Other priorities of his include reducing student loan debt and putting money into a “rainy day fund,” which would protect against economic instability.

Part of the funding towards education will go towards making the transfer process from community colleges to UCs easier and increase the amount of baccalaureate degrees, according to a statement released by UC Vice President of Budget and Capital Resources Patrick Lenz.

Governor Brown also plans to implement a Middle Class Scholarship program beginning in fall 2014. Under the new scholarship, students of families with incomes up to $150,000 will receive a 40% reduction in tuition and fees. According to Lenz, “the Middle Class Scholarship Program will provide greater assistance to students who may not qualify for financial aid.”



A version of this article appeared on page 1 of January 13th’s print edition of the Daily Nexus.